Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yes, I could have sent emails or posted this on my blog, but it seems so very BAO related...I decided to post here.

Coming, as I do, from a rural area, I know how vital library links were/are.

We had a small library in our town, but what we all looked forward to was the arrival of a huge truck, bearing "new" books! The Community Library Service!

If you can imagine how a junkie might look forward to his next fix...

Long, long before people talked of such a concept as "artist books" I remember the CLS delivering a sort of diorama of library books. Dozens of miniature "books" on a board, set out to look like library shelves, right down to a librarian's date stamp pen! (You have to be my age to understand that!)

And this display was ours to look at, to ponder until the truck returned, 3 months [I think] later, to collect the books.

With all the current hyperbole about the internet replacing books...I don't buy it. Do you?


Abigail Thomas said...

Just thought you might like this. I have a book of mine in an artists' books mobile library; its run by Lucy May Schofield:

Libraries rock!

Rhubarb said...

Loved the link in your link to Urban Sketchers, Diane - I wonder if I could rustle some up in Coffs Harbour? Ha, ha, ha Sara x ps are you feeling better now?

dinahmow said...

abigail...thanks for this. And libraries do indeed rock!

sara...(rhubarb?) Do you mean an Urban Sketchers chapter or more books?
Yes, thankyou, the foot is very much better.

Carol said...

There is nothing so wonderful as messing about with books - reading them, writing them, making them or lusting after them. Let's keep giving our children books, so they know how how they feel and smell and the wonders within.
Thanks Abigail; the thought of a library of artist's books is marvellous.

Abigail Thomas said...

yeah a mobile one at that! brilliant! I have yet to see it in the flesh so to speak but I am sure it would be a wonderful thing to visit.