Thursday, October 7, 2010

Having some fun (piling up my plate!)

You know me, why get stuck into one or two projects when you can swell the numbers to three, four, five or heck, what about ten? I blame the internet: it's highly likely to get me into trouble. There I am, innocently browsing someone's blog when a sneaky link catches my eye, takes me off to somewhere unintended and WHAM! I've signed up for something, my credit card is in all probability shivering in a corner somewhere and my To Do list has suddenly grown. &^%#! *&^%! (the sound of me giving myself a mental head-slap)

Yep, well, it's happened again.

Some of you may already subscribe to the Book Arts Listserve; if you don't, you might find it very interesting. On the one hand you can find yourself inundated with information about everything from technical details of paper coatings to instructions about making particular book structures or rants about digitisation or e-book readers. I've set up my email so that Book Arts Listserve emails go into a separate folder and every now and again I go in, skim read twenty emails at a time, delete the ones I don't want and keep the useful ones.

Anyhoo, a couple of months ago a call for entries from The Philadelphia Center for the Book caught my eye, asking for artists' books to be interpreted in dance. I emailed the lovely Amanda and found out that yes, I could send off my Dobson book to them for consideration if I was willing to become their first overseas member. So I have, and I did, although I haven't yet heard whether my book made the cut.

To cut a long story short (yawn), as part of my membership I get to put a bit of blurb about me and BookArtObject up on the PCB website (it's not there yet but it will be there shortly), and that led to me surfing links for some other PCB members which took me to Pat Badt's blog which took me off to The Art House Co-op (I love co-operatives!), which in turn took me off to The Sketchbook Project and I was doomed. You see what happened? I started off with a perfectly respectable institution and ended up getting sucked in by the thought of another lovely Moleskine notebook and a deadline (apparently I also love deadlines), and now I've got another line on my To Do list. I should probably never be allowed near the Internet again.


dinahmow said...

"Hello, my name is Sara and I am an addict..."
First of 12 steps?

I signed up for the Sketchbook thing, but missed the deadline and am too ashamed to try again!

Fiona said...

It might be safer!

Carol said...

You've inspired me again to subscribe to Book Arts Listserve. I love that enormous amount of wisdom out there and on the couple of occasions I asked a question I was amazed at the generosity of the people who replied.

I love the way you take on more and more and get it all done. Loving a deadline is not a bad thing...

Fiona Dempster said...

Sara thank you - I have enjoyed the links and the descriptions of your addictions! Like Carol I was inspired to join the list serve so thank you for that as well. Enjoy the madness; it's what life's all about!

Angela said...

I fully understand getting lost on the internet, one thing leads to another and you end up on some page with no idea how you got there. Signing up for multiple projects is another matter (!) Fair play to you I don't think I could do it.

I agree with Fiona though, enjoy it. It reminds of my what my grandmother said to me "you'll be long enough dead!" Oh and I've subscribed to the Book Arts Listserv - for the first time - the fun begins!

Abigail Thomas said...

Been on Books Arts listserv for ages, beware there are lots of emails!!!

Multiple projects is my middle name lol; good luck with all of yours.