Thursday, October 21, 2010

Decision time

Greetings from Coffs Harbour! Great to see how many people are following this blog - my "following" stuff doesn't always work (not sure why and too bored to chase it up - probably some weird technical glitch to do with Blogger's software not being compatible with my state of the art laptop, ha, ha!) but I glimpsed the figure of 55 followers just now. Wow! Lovely to have you all aboard.

Anyway, it's time for an update as to who is doing what and how many etc. Now that we have permission from both authors to use their texts it is time to decide which one you'd like to do. I think I've got the lists right so far, but I haven't heard from Louise and Ellen yet, who were waiting to see if we got permission to use the Winterson text, I think.

At the moment it looks like this:

Jeanette Winterson (8 artists, so edition size needs to be at least 10: one each for participants plus one for the author and one for exhibition)

Sara (doing both)
Caren (doing both)

Claire Beynon (also 8 artists so far, so same rules apply)

Sara (doing both)
Caren (doing both)

Obviously adding Ellen and Louise's names to one or other list will increase the edition size. As I mentioned before, I'm planning to do an edition of 15, which would leave me with spares!

Please correct me if I'm wrong: probably best to send me an email, just in case your choices get hidden among the comments. Many thanks, Sara x


moreidlethoughts said...

Ooh! Moving up through the gears now...exciting.
I'd just like to remind everyone of Australia Customs strict rules regarding importation of animal and vegetable matter.

Good luck, guys!

Carol said...

This is exciting! Let's go!

Rhubarb said...

Just to let you know that Louise is also doing the Winterson text, making 9 artists +1 for the author +1 for exhibition = minimum 11 in the edition size (although I'll still be doing 15) Sara x ps, this is definitely a fun stage: I've allowed myself to start thinking about the texts and different ideas, and I'm remembering the excitement of doing the same thing at this time last year!

moreidlethoughts said...

So...will Ellen join the Beynon group?
It's a nice, even split then.
And Ali and I delivered our work for the Print Awards so now we can make a start.

Ida said...

Thanks sara...time to get started.

alison said...

Well done Sara and thank you for your hard work and effort to pull it together. As my other projects are nearly finished such as print awards and solo exhibition in local cafe of ten works I find that my mind is tossing ideas around in regards to Paper Wrestling.
Best of luck to everyone.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yay, yay and double yay! Good for you, Sara, and I'm uber-excited about giving the authors a copy of their sets.

So: the first book was the First Edition. So what are these: 2a and 2b? Which one is A and which B? We should get this straight, because pedants will wish to know ;)

Abigail Thomas said...

For a newbie please let me know; what are the strict rules of animal and veg matter?!

moreidlethoughts said...

Abigail...Australian Customs can(and often does) seize any letter or package containing obvious animal/vegetable matter. Like feathers, leaves, bones, bark, seeds, dried flowers, leather.
They may offer to fumigate such items, but the cost is often prohibitively high. Also, fumigation can ruin some things!

So, in terms of our exchange, if you stay clear of such items you should be fine.
It's a real pain as I just love chicken bone closures and horse hair twine! "They" however, would see "bird flu" and Hendra virus."

You could probably check with your local Australian Embassy as I'm sure they would have pamphlets.

Hope I haven't ruined any plans!