Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hello, book folk!

Sitting in here, dosed-up on anti-biotics, my foot propped on a box, I'm catching up on blogs and this , from Book on a Fold, set my heart racing. Within the article is a link to the artist's site (in Dutch, but can be translated) and well worth a look.

I must admit that, being brought up to respect books, I still sometimes wince when I see pages being mutilated, but when the results are this artistic, well, I quickly get over the cringe!

I wonder...will "Paper Wrestling" involve sharp implements...?


SCB said...

Dear Dinah, what have you been doing to yourself? Hope you feel better very soon - mind you, you're clearly doing productive reading propped up on the sofa! Sara x

dinahmow said...

SCB...according to another blogger, I should tell people I was attacked by ninjas. Because saying I slipped on wet bricks makes me sound clumsy!Sad, but true...

Carol said...

I'm fascinated by these tortured books, not in the least because I do it too. Though not as interestingly as the ones you've found, Di. I'm also lying with a leg propped up - to say the word sciatica makes me feel very old and frail, but that's what it is. I can only sit at the computer for minutes at a time so this is it from me for the next hour or so. Don't let the ninjas get you down.

ronnie said...

thanks di for a nice link... I had a blast checking out the links on the link (you know how it can be....)

Angela said...

Hope you feel better soon Di. I would stick to the ninjas story too.

I've seen some of these before, I don't think I'd have the patience. Cutting out the lettering for the embossed text on my book cover for the last project was enough for me!

alison said...

Di you amaze me withe most interesting sites you find.
I too have pain at seeing how some books are "treated" even in an artistic sense.
These are fasinating and I can't guarantee that my effort will be anything as interesting.
I have to wonder what the artists thinks when they see a book, is it the title, story line or is it "Boy! what I can do with that"!