Sunday, October 31, 2010


One of the complete joys of our new house is that I have a quiet sitting area with no television but lots of books. The TV is down the other end of the house so in the evenings this is mostly my space, where I can sit and read/knit/tat/plot/do whatever I want without a flicker in the corner of my eye from the idiot box (although I should say that I do watch TV now and again...).

I didn't buy "The History of Farting", in case you're wondering... it was given to us by our lovely friends Elsbeth and Linda and I'd forgotten it was on the shelf until I uploaded this photo! Never mind.

So what's this got to do with our book project? Nothing, really! It is a completely opportunistic post inspired by the photos of other people's libraries on the MyFrenchKitchen blog that Dinahmow referred to in the previous post! Very inspiring and totally unlike anything I shall ever achieve... I am, however, beginning to consider the form of my Winterson book and I keep coming back to the scroll. It's very obvious, given the subject matter, but it also gives me the chance to tunnel through the words. I'm still thinking, while getting used to working in my new studio space, but at least I can sit here in the evenings knowing that my subconscious is getting on with things.


ronnie said...

I positively ADORE sticky-beaking at other peoples gardens and studios and libraries!!!!!

what a treat! thank you 'rhubarb'

Carol said...

Just lovely - so nice to see what's on other people's shelves. Beautiful print of the hare just peeping out of a heap of books. Thanks, Rhubarb!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the hare, too.And the history of farting does look intriguing!