Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm up and about super-early today...thankyou, Labradors, Alsatians and Heelers!

I know several of you probably read this blog regularly, but I thought it worth a mention. Being a bit of a language nut, I like following the trails of words and their meanings through the years.

And I learned something, too! Thomas Jefferson had a hand in the invention of this press. (I started writing "had a hand in the press..."oops! Painful!)

I have been fiddling and folding and fooling about with bits of paper. Some of them quite big "bits" of paper. Well, a gaff on a sheet of newsprint is just a gaff on a sheet of newsprint. A gaff on a sheet of Fabriano hurts!

So I still have nothing concrete to show, but I did toss a couple of scraps onto the scanner...

So old, these are almost carbon-datable!

And now I'm pressed for time...palm trash to be dumped, a pool to be swum, a floor to be mopped and a Man to be fetched from the airport...


Carol said...

I have an old Victorian copy press, small but useful for pressing just one book. I've been told that my press would have been used in institutions to reproduce correspondence and documents in the way described in the post linked to by Di.
Love that leaf, Di!

Abigail Thomas said...

Thanks for the link to that blog it led me to some great posts and thorugh them to some more finds and I have now seen for the first time Jen Bervin's work online and it is amazing! My favourite is this: Thanks for the link which created a hyperlink journey for me this dull 'proper' work filled afternoon!