Monday, September 20, 2010

impact 7 update

hellooooo there BAO peeps (and those just dropping by to see what we're up to now)

yes, it seems we are in the 'hurry-up-and-wait' stage of the next project - but today I have been slaving away on something that affects ALL the BAO folk - newbies and old geezers alike....

I have been putting what I hope are the finishing touches to a group application to exhibit as part of Impact 7, held at Monash University next year. Now I'm going to share here in the open what I've written so that everyone (yes that means all you newbies) has a chance to critique the proposal (even if it's just to proof-read and check for glaring mistakes in spelling or grammar!). I've not shared what I'm proposing for Impact7 anywhere yet (sorry Sara - I wanted to run this past you prior to its public airing but my emails to you kept bouncing back..... hope you understand with time being of the essence that I'm throwing this out for comment amongst the group and the greater universe combined!)

Before you read the following (forgive me - this is going to be a somewhat longish post) I think I should mention a couple of things - I suggest you visit the Impact 7 site and familiarise yourself with the what's going on (especially the theme and the proposal procedure). I am only posting on the blog the 'guts' of the proposal (not the top sheet - which lists all the participants and all the info essentials, nor the supporting pics and documentation - rest assured this has been sorted and included... hopefully without too many errors!). I have a distinct and unusual proposition as part of our proposal - one which I'm hoping will help to secure us a spot (you'll see what I mean) so by all means I want to hear your feedback about each BAO member's involvement. The proposal includes all you newbies so take a deep breath and get ready for the plunge!

{Some (but not all) of you may be aware that I am currently a HDR student at Monash Uni, so I've approached the uni (my uni!) for assistance and advice in preparing this}

ok ready for it.... here it is (with much credit to Sara - her words are pilfered at times and modified at others..... fingers crossed I haven't trodden on too many toes!)

Book-Art-Object – Group Exhibition Proposal for Impact 7 – 2011

In 2009 printmaker/ book artist and blogger, Sara Bowen (, invited her blog readers to participate in an experimental group project: to produce a book edition using a project designated blog ( to facilitate an open, democratic information exchange and interface. The proposed exhibition for Impact 7 will include the initial edition of eight small books and the (as yet incomplete) second edition of potentially 16 books, that resulted from this blogging exchange and will highlight the potentials and possibilities of artistic collaboration via blogging that emerged through the BookArtObject blog. The exhibition will include a participatory element via real-time/ space blog interaction.
The initial BookArtObject project, attracted highly-respected and widely-exhibited book artists including: 

Sara Bowen, Caren Florance (, 

Amanda Watson-Will (,
Rhonda Ayliffe (, 

Carol Cantrell (,
Angela Callanan ( 
as well as less-established blogging book artists 
Di Patmore ( 
Jane Allendi ( 

Edition One – a response in small book form to noted Australian poet, Rosemary Dobson’s  ‘Learning Absences’ – was completed early 2010. Individual works from this edition have already been exhibited and/or published internationally.
Edition Two is currently underway with eight new group members joining the original eight. The collaborative circle, the opportunity for experimentation, the laboratory for contemporary book arts practice will continue and grow with each edition.

From the project outset, Sara envisaged the use of a blog as an integral mechanism in debating, constructing and communicating the edition.  The BookArtObject blog ( has acted as meeting point for members of the collective and activated an international dialogue as the project has developed, ranging from social commentary through technical advice to critical debate. This has widened the audience for the project, as well as supporting individual members of the collective.  The blog functions as a practical resource, a journal, a workshop or studio diary as well as a pragmatic means of connection across geography and time zones. For this reason an active part of the exhibition proposal is the full inclusion of the BookArtObject blog.  As well as including excerpts from the blog, we anticipate the exhibition site will include internet connectivity to enable the audience to access the blog and to interact with distanced BookArtObject group members via the blog. To this end we endeavour to have at least one member of the group available online (during exhibition hours) at all times for the duration of the exhibition.
The BookArtObject collective commenced with the idea of using a selected text as a starting point for an exploration of form and content in an edition of artists’ books: a simple and conventional idea. The exhibition at Impact 7 will show the subsequent collection of individual artists’ books (which collectively utilise a broad range of printmaking and book arts materials and techniques). More than this; it will highlight the possibilities of blogging and social networking in the creative process and connect the audience to the makers and makers to audience - in an actualised example of ‘intersections and counterpoints’.

Exhibition Practical/ technical requirements:
* Intimate (small) exhibition space, with tables or plinths for display (hanging space not required).
* Internet access (preferably Wi-Fi)
* Wall space suitable for temporary (non-damaging) exhibition signage and information (this is preferable but not essential)
* We will provide gloves and book cradles (or like) as required. 


well ya'll - what do you think..... 

comment here on the blog or email (for those of you who have my e-address) I will happily try to explain any aspects of the proposal and alter bits as required - all I'll say is the deadline is looming large (must be in melbourne beginning of oct.) so read/think/respond NOW!


Amanda said...

Ok, I'll dive in first. To start, thanks SO much Ronnie. Having put together these things myself, I know how exacting and time-consuming they are, so much appreciation for your efforts.
Next I love your concept and think its a great way to individualize our proposal. The "live" content is an excellent idea. My only question is whether this is best achieved via the blog. It can work instantaneously, but maybe there is another means which is actually set up for instantaneous communication e.g. a facebook fan page or twitter? Not that I'm really a fan of either, and the blog is what BAO has been centred around up to this point...I'm just putting it into the ring for discussion.

My only other comment is mostly grammatical...I think this should be two sentences for easier comprehension thus:
"The proposed exhibition for Impact 7 will include the initial edition of eight small books and the (recently commenced) second edition of potentially 16 books, that resulted from this blogging exchange. The potentials and possibilities of artistic collaboration via blogging that emerged through the BookArtObject blog will be highlighted."
Hope this is helpful! I'll comment again if I think of anything else.

ronnie said...

Many of the BAO folk share your apprehension amanda about modes of social networking (and this group doesn't communicate through any other social media) so I think the blog is the only choice to highlight and offer as connection point. Although I'm hoping that BAO peeps will feel up to committing to a 'presence' of sorts for the exhibition - it's not the immediate back and forth repartee that I'm aiming for with any possible audience interaction...... rather it's to show how we communicate with the blog - that it happens in fits and starts, with stumbles (at times) and misunderstandings, with a slower (yet far speedier than post etc) communique than may happen in, say fb.

'its live baby, but not as we know it'.... (hee hee hee)

annell said...

Though some might disagree about small things. The overall proposal sounds wonderful! Good luck! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ronnie...thankyou for this.For newcomers, having to wade through the proposal stages can be daunting!
As I read, I was thinking:"Please not FB or Twitter!" and I see Amanda has voiced this concern.
Yes, I think including the blogging side of our collaboration is a great idea.It (the blog) was certainly the most non-confronting means of communication.
Having a live line at the exhibition is a good idea, too.

It may be my old eyes and small font, but I think Jane's surname should read Alliendi.

Brava, Ronnie!

Ida said...

no it's only one 'l'. (will comment later when i get a chance to take it all in). but well done ronnie thanks for getting it all together.

ronnie said...

sorry for the small font guys! I wanted to make sure you could see what was proposal and what was my usual yabber!

the 'exhibition' component to impact 7 is actually something of a mystery (the site is not that helpful..... and despite notes with laura - who is in charge of the project at monash - I remain unsure EXACTLY what they are going to be doing...... anyway - we can only have a shot at things.

it would be good to set up a less finicky show of the work at a separate location (and for a longer duration) .... just a nice ordinary exhibition as display... but I'm slightly wiped out from this effort! if anyone has some other ideas (I know we've bandied about handheld gallery...?) please chime in

oh and please forgive me - I talk in sound bites - often without the niceties of polite conversation...... always in a rush ...I forget my table manners


Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Ronnie

I'm excited by the approach! I think the physical display/exhibiting is important but love the idea of integrating the blog. For newbies we can also tell the story of how how we 'followed' progress and became inspired to join. I think your description of the role of the blog - journal, discussion place etc is perfect.

I think the blog v twitter/fb also honours the heart of the project.

My other thought for the physical/exhibition bit is that you can actually turn the blog into a published book and display it...which could be an interesting integration given that we are all about books as well.

Signing off - scared and excited! Fiona

Amanda said...

I second Fiona's idea of creating a book of blog posts to display. We should talk more about this!

Carol said...

Thanks, Ronnie, great as usual. I agree with Fiona's 'scared and excited' - it will be a wonderful project, and if we don't get this one there'll be others to try for.

I, too, prefer the idea of the blog rather than FB and Twitter, and like the idea of the blog as book.

The proposal looks fine to me, well done, Ronnie!

ronnie said...

yes the 'blog to book' idea was one option I was thinking of when I put the wee reference to 'excerpts from the blog' being a part of the exhibition...... if anyone in here as produced a book from their blog I'd love to hear about the experience (its certainly an idea worth pursuing)

I'm with you carol - no harm in trying to get a show - no drama if it doesn't eventuate.....

Ampersand Duck said...

Hey Ronnie, you're a STAR! I love the idea, and will be down in Melbourne for Impact (just got accepted to give a paper-- EEK!) so can help in any way I can. Agree utterly about the opacity of the website; no indicators about what they'd actually like, which makes proposals a bit scary. Am trying to put one together for a Printer's Wayzgoose for NZ & Aussie letterpress types as well, and running out of time!
But this is great, hope it grows legs!

SCB said...

Yeeha! Thanks so much Ronnie for putting this together... as usual you are an awesome powerhouse and I bow down before your amazing ability to pull this together. Sorry for my own tardy response: goodness knows what's been happening on my email front but it's all been a bit pear-shaped recently and that - combined with desperate attempts to move into my studio, ha ha ha, and trying to get the rest of my family out of my hair and into a tent on a school camp - means I haven't been as tuned into my email/the web recently. I really like your proposal document and think it's got a good chance of acceptance. No further suggestions for improvement from me: I think you've done a fantastic job deciphering the impenetrable artspeak of the Impact7 website and fingers crossed we get in. Way to go Duck, by the way! If you're really unlucky you may find me waving at the back of your audience. Maybe Ronnie and I could make a banner?! Sara x

ronnie said...

thanks for the supportive words sara and duckie (and a big BRAVO for the paper go-ahead duck - yippideedodar!)

I will (hopefully) get all the do-dads for the proposal in the mail/etc in the coming days.

Carol said...

Just came across this site for printing a blog. Probably not suitable as they seem to print the entire book and put a cover on it, but if they can do it, surely we can, too.

Anonymous said...

Get back to Fiona for some tips as she has produced her portfolio in book form(via Blurb) and has a link on her blog.

I have heard that Lulu can be tricky to navigate, but Blurb is fairly strightforward.

(I am sorting stuff(car stuff!) to be published by Blurb, but so far, I have not actually done it!)

Anonymous said...

Here's a link for Blurb

Abigail Thomas said...

firstly well done; sounds like a great idea; and printing the blog posts with comments is an iteresting idea too. Just a grammar thing about the words potentially and potentials in the same sentance; might be another word to use to not repeat? Just a thought. Otherwise its great!

Anna Mavromatis said...

Great decision, most interesting concept/approach, well presented; my gut feeling (together with whatever experience on proposals I have AND vibes...) is that we will be accepted!
Congratulations AND many thanks on the thought, the idea, the work and effort in putting this together; I will gladly help if needed, in a kind of remote control mode (being in the US...), but nevertheless I commit to whatever I can do from here and on line.
Sorry for taking me so long to respond,
All the best of luck!

Angela said...

Sounds good to me. Thanks for all your hard work. I need to put together my CV/Artists Statement for you Ronnie.

Sorry for the delay in reply I was in Crete for 2 weeks and since I came back I seem to be stuck in chilled out take it easy mode.

alison said...

Thanks for the effort for this Ronnie and as I am a newbie I an still getting used to blogging so I am not keen on any other/ twitter and facebook.

aine scannell said...

I am very pleased that Ronnie has taken the trouble to put this application for impact 7 together - well done. As was said above - surely it will be accepted.

Please do let us all know when there is a result ( so to speak).
As regards the publishing of the blog in book form - that's a good idea although having documentation of the finished books from the second phase would make it even more interesting. I am not sure when it was envisaged to put it together and then get it printed.

Re putting the books on to the blog. Using something like Issu
would be brilliant for this. In fact the books from Phase one could be scanned and uploaded to 'Issue', if participants felt inclined to do so.

I don't know................ I am throwing this into the ring for consideration.