Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, I'm guylaine from north

hello everyone

I'm guylaine couture, from montreal, (canada).
first, I have to say that writing in english is difficult for me, so I'm sorry for all the mistakes I will make...

I do artist book for a few years now. at the beginning it was more the “one of a kind” book, but now, sharing a studio with a letterpress and bookbinding artist, I'm able to make 3 or 4 copy or even 15 sometimes. I also make “zines” and a lot of collages/work on paper.

I just put my more recent work on my website if you like to see. I also have a blog where I talk a lot about new persons or things I discover and inspire me or make me smile. It's in french.

I discover Book Art Object via the book-arts list. for now, I experiment with various material and various way to print. because, like I said, making 16 copies will be a challenge for me.
and I'm very please to be part of this project!

BAOmbs away....

(a snippety bit of an ancient work of mine
that is purely ornamental and incidental to the following..... )

Just a short note to let all the BAO collection (and supportive followers) know that I've sent off our group's proposal to exhibit at Impact 7 at Monash University later next year..... thanks for all the valuable input - I made a couple of minor modifications before stuffing the whole lot into a bulky email and pushing it down the internet tube....

Now all we have to do is cross our fingers and toes, invoke the assistance of whatever force you think might be useful in gaining a receptive ear/eye, and WAIT (I think we are told something early next year..... yes it's a long wait - I'll let you all know as soon as I hear something) 

now - it's time to get back to the studio (I wish.... I've got a whole mess of heavy-duty writing to get done right now)

Monday, September 20, 2010

impact 7 update

hellooooo there BAO peeps (and those just dropping by to see what we're up to now)

yes, it seems we are in the 'hurry-up-and-wait' stage of the next project - but today I have been slaving away on something that affects ALL the BAO folk - newbies and old geezers alike....

I have been putting what I hope are the finishing touches to a group application to exhibit as part of Impact 7, held at Monash University next year. Now I'm going to share here in the open what I've written so that everyone (yes that means all you newbies) has a chance to critique the proposal (even if it's just to proof-read and check for glaring mistakes in spelling or grammar!). I've not shared what I'm proposing for Impact7 anywhere yet (sorry Sara - I wanted to run this past you prior to its public airing but my emails to you kept bouncing back..... hope you understand with time being of the essence that I'm throwing this out for comment amongst the group and the greater universe combined!)

Before you read the following (forgive me - this is going to be a somewhat longish post) I think I should mention a couple of things - I suggest you visit the Impact 7 site and familiarise yourself with the what's going on (especially the theme and the proposal procedure). I am only posting on the blog the 'guts' of the proposal (not the top sheet - which lists all the participants and all the info essentials, nor the supporting pics and documentation - rest assured this has been sorted and included... hopefully without too many errors!). I have a distinct and unusual proposition as part of our proposal - one which I'm hoping will help to secure us a spot (you'll see what I mean) so by all means I want to hear your feedback about each BAO member's involvement. The proposal includes all you newbies so take a deep breath and get ready for the plunge!

{Some (but not all) of you may be aware that I am currently a HDR student at Monash Uni, so I've approached the uni (my uni!) for assistance and advice in preparing this}

ok ready for it.... here it is (with much credit to Sara - her words are pilfered at times and modified at others..... fingers crossed I haven't trodden on too many toes!)

Book-Art-Object – Group Exhibition Proposal for Impact 7 – 2011

In 2009 printmaker/ book artist and blogger, Sara Bowen (, invited her blog readers to participate in an experimental group project: to produce a book edition using a project designated blog ( to facilitate an open, democratic information exchange and interface. The proposed exhibition for Impact 7 will include the initial edition of eight small books and the (as yet incomplete) second edition of potentially 16 books, that resulted from this blogging exchange and will highlight the potentials and possibilities of artistic collaboration via blogging that emerged through the BookArtObject blog. The exhibition will include a participatory element via real-time/ space blog interaction.
The initial BookArtObject project, attracted highly-respected and widely-exhibited book artists including: 

Sara Bowen, Caren Florance (, 

Amanda Watson-Will (,
Rhonda Ayliffe (, 

Carol Cantrell (,
Angela Callanan ( 
as well as less-established blogging book artists 
Di Patmore ( 
Jane Allendi ( 

Edition One – a response in small book form to noted Australian poet, Rosemary Dobson’s  ‘Learning Absences’ – was completed early 2010. Individual works from this edition have already been exhibited and/or published internationally.
Edition Two is currently underway with eight new group members joining the original eight. The collaborative circle, the opportunity for experimentation, the laboratory for contemporary book arts practice will continue and grow with each edition.

From the project outset, Sara envisaged the use of a blog as an integral mechanism in debating, constructing and communicating the edition.  The BookArtObject blog ( has acted as meeting point for members of the collective and activated an international dialogue as the project has developed, ranging from social commentary through technical advice to critical debate. This has widened the audience for the project, as well as supporting individual members of the collective.  The blog functions as a practical resource, a journal, a workshop or studio diary as well as a pragmatic means of connection across geography and time zones. For this reason an active part of the exhibition proposal is the full inclusion of the BookArtObject blog.  As well as including excerpts from the blog, we anticipate the exhibition site will include internet connectivity to enable the audience to access the blog and to interact with distanced BookArtObject group members via the blog. To this end we endeavour to have at least one member of the group available online (during exhibition hours) at all times for the duration of the exhibition.
The BookArtObject collective commenced with the idea of using a selected text as a starting point for an exploration of form and content in an edition of artists’ books: a simple and conventional idea. The exhibition at Impact 7 will show the subsequent collection of individual artists’ books (which collectively utilise a broad range of printmaking and book arts materials and techniques). More than this; it will highlight the possibilities of blogging and social networking in the creative process and connect the audience to the makers and makers to audience - in an actualised example of ‘intersections and counterpoints’.

Exhibition Practical/ technical requirements:
* Intimate (small) exhibition space, with tables or plinths for display (hanging space not required).
* Internet access (preferably Wi-Fi)
* Wall space suitable for temporary (non-damaging) exhibition signage and information (this is preferable but not essential)
* We will provide gloves and book cradles (or like) as required. 


well ya'll - what do you think..... 

comment here on the blog or email (for those of you who have my e-address) I will happily try to explain any aspects of the proposal and alter bits as required - all I'll say is the deadline is looming large (must be in melbourne beginning of oct.) so read/think/respond NOW!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I have been buying papers to test out ideas on and experiment with; went into Faulkiners paper shop in London for inspiration and came out with an aray of papers to take home and see whats what with. Here are some of them:

Mainly different parchment papers but a few nice Japanese tissues too! Cannot wait to get them to my studio and have some time to play!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JW text update

Just to let you know that I have heard from Ms Winterson's UK publishers. Before you get excited I should say that what I heard was merely that I should get in touch with her agents (again!) but the crucial news was that she has a different agency than the one mentioned on her website and that my enquiry has already been passed along to the right person. So yes, we're still waiting to hear, but at least the correct person is now reading my enquiry! Fingers crossed we get there before the proposed finish date for the project...

Monday, September 6, 2010

thinking out loud...

So we haven’t heard from Jeanette Winterson (or her publishers) on our request for permission to create artists’ books inspired by Art & Lies. 

But then what stops us from thinking, experimenting with ideas, designing, structuring, even finalizing a “book” inspired or driven by the notion of “a system within a system”?

Just wondering...   

image: "spinning", monoprint on Rives BFK (detail)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I'm up and about super-early today...thankyou, Labradors, Alsatians and Heelers!

I know several of you probably read this blog regularly, but I thought it worth a mention. Being a bit of a language nut, I like following the trails of words and their meanings through the years.

And I learned something, too! Thomas Jefferson had a hand in the invention of this press. (I started writing "had a hand in the press..."oops! Painful!)

I have been fiddling and folding and fooling about with bits of paper. Some of them quite big "bits" of paper. Well, a gaff on a sheet of newsprint is just a gaff on a sheet of newsprint. A gaff on a sheet of Fabriano hurts!

So I still have nothing concrete to show, but I did toss a couple of scraps onto the scanner...

So old, these are almost carbon-datable!

And now I'm pressed for time...palm trash to be dumped, a pool to be swum, a floor to be mopped and a Man to be fetched from the airport...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Copyright clearance for Paper Wrestling

I've just had an email from Claire Beynon, regarding copyright. Her publisher, Roger Steele of Steele Roberts Ltd says the copyright remains with Claire. He suggests we should use the following in our colophon:

Paper Wrestling by Claire Beynon, published by Steele Roberts Ltd in Open Book - Poetry & Images (2007)

I hope this means anyone still wondering, and hesitating, can happily go on with (or commence) interpreting Claire's poem.