Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update, update, update!

Hello hello. News just in:

I'm delighted to welcome one last person to Edition Two, and that person is the very lovely Aine Scannell, who is currently working in Scotland at Fife and Dunfermline Printmakers. You can also find Aine on Artists Books 3.0, so I guess many of you will already know her from Ning! As of now I think we should announce that expressions of interest for Edition Two are closed as we have 16 members (including Ellen Sheffield and Aine).

At the moment the entries for each text look like this:

Jeanette Winterson

Sara (doing both?)
Caren (doing both?)

Claire Beynon

Sara (doing both?)
Caren (doing both?)

Those of you good at arithmetic will notice that Louise and Ellen's names aren't yet on the list. Di and Fiona volunteered to do either project and I've put them in for the Beynon text. Alison, I wrote you down on my Beynon list and going back I can't find how I determined that!

Regarding permission to use the Winterson piece, I haven't yet heard (not surprising really). I've emailed the author through her official website and I've emailed her agents in New York which took a while as the woman I thought was her agent has moved to a different firm and it took ages to track down a name and email that works. Fingers crossed we hear soon. If we haven't heard anything by the end of August we may have to start looking for a different text and put the Winterson extract on hold for a future edition.

Last news item: I've heard back from the organisers of the Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists Book Awards to say that they would be delighted for us to submit a group entry. I am happy to pay the $25 entry fee and put in the entry form. WHAT I NEED from all of the Edition One participants is a short artists' statement about their piece in 50 words or less, saved as a Word document and emailed to me ASAP! I have the photos already so I can do the entire submission. If Edition One is selected then all Edition One participants will need to post me one of their books by the end of December so that I can get the complete set to SCU in time. AND you will have to let me know if you are happy for your piece to be sold at the exhibition in February...

PS. There is nothing to stop any of you applying for the exhibition on an individual basis! And on that note, Anna brought to my attention the Philadelphia Centre for the Book's call for entries for their forthcoming artists' book/dance exhibition. I've just been having a short email correspondance with their president, Amanda D'Amico, who confirms that overseas artists are welcome to apply. The exhibition contains a performative element in which selected works are interpreted in dance! It sounds fascinating; I'm waiting to find out their bank details so I can do a direct transfer of the entry + membership fees before committing but it's definitely an intriguing idea...


dinahmow said...

Oh, now it feels like "the train on platform 2 is departing for..."

I'm pretty sure Alison was "grabbed" by the Winterson piece. I'll be talking to her later and ask her to leave a comment.And,yes, I'm happy to do Claire's poem. I'd really like to do both, but that might be a bit much!

I'll email you the statement I gave Ronnie, if that's ok?

ronnie said...

yes di - I was going to say for sara - I have a copy of artists statements from edition one from the majority of participants - I'll happily package those up for you (if you give me a little bit of time - I'm eye-ball deep in exegesis draft plan right now - due this coming week..... I'll breathe again - and be more useful - after its finished) - or perhaps everyone would prefer to send it off separately? (either way this might be a spur for the stragglers to get the arty statement done!)

annnnnnd in the next while I'll post another something in here to ask for a little something from the newbies regards impact 7 (more about that in the fullness of time) I'm back to hit the books....

Carol said...

Sorry Ronnie, I'm one of the stragglers. I'll cook up something and send it to both of you.

Welcome to the two new members of the group, I'm sure you'll get a lot from the experience. I look forward to catching up with you.

As usual, thanks to Sara, what a dynamo!

Abigail Thomas said...

Welcome Aine! We have met through cyber space quite often and I greatly admire your work; glad you are on the team! Thanks Sara for the update. Lets keep out fingers crossed for the Winterson reply.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yay, you're a star, trooly.
Yes, I know I'm taking on a lot with BOTH editions, but there's time to sleep when we're dead.

I sent an overlong statement to Ronnie wot for research purposes, but will edit and make more concise for you tonight & then email it to you (and Ronnie).

Amanda said...

Hi Aine! Welcome! How lovely to have you in our group after "knowing" you online for some years now. Should be fun!