Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a small Hello from Aine Scannell

Unusually for me I am not in much of a 'communication'  frame of mind,  at the moment.  I have been like this for a couple of weeks,   of course having  gastroenteritis  hasn't helped matters  - I thought I would just present you with a piece of art I made recently - just a squiggle of a trace monotype.  
I have just finished making a little minibook for a project which is being run by the Somethink collective (UK).  I had been meaning to do it for ages and I revisited  the blog, a couple of weeks ago, and saw that some new minibooks had been uploaded which spurred me into action.The 'book' had to be made from one A4 page.
I thought it would take a few hours but have been working at it,  on and off,  for a week.  Let's hope my edition of 10 books goes at a speedier rate.
Much more from me will come later.


Anna Mavromatis said...

Dear Aine,
Lovely drawing!
Hope you feel 100% well soon,


Carol said...

Hello Aine, welcome to BAO. I also hope you recover quickly and feel you're back in communication mode.

dinahmow said...

Hi, Aine!Welcome aboard.

ronnie said...

*small nice-to-'meet'-you wave*

hope you have a great time here

Angela said...

Welcome Áine. Lovely print. Hope you are feeling better soon. Which one is your book on the blog?

aine scannell said...

Oh How lovely to find all these comments here just by chance......I AM FEELING better and getting back into the flow of things....

Been proofing lots of print plates and giving further thought to the Art and Lies text now and again.
I have generated some really exciting ideas diagrams that I want to get cracking on soon.
Of course this is always the most fun part I mean playing around with little drawings and diagrams...

my best wishes to you all