Monday, August 9, 2010

A few queries

Hi all, I have just spent the best part of an hour trawling thru posts and comments from the very beginning of BAO and had a lovely time!

I did end up with some questions however which seemed to be sorted for edition one at different points in time and I figured I needed to check for edition 2, so please bear with me.

Book size: - ed 1 seemed to go for A5 (or about) is that likely to be the same this time around?
Colophon: - should we all adopt a similar approach to the colophon this time around?
Response v rendition: is it still ok to go for response rather than pure rendition?
Edition size - if there are 9 in each group is the edition size around 12-15 (a few spare to have in exhibitions, show or sell?).

Thoughts welcomed - I think they will put on my gravestone "she was just checking"!

Thanks and go well


dinahmow said...

Hi, Fiona.
Di here and I'm jumping in first.

Re: colophon - the wonderful Ampersand Duck came up with the one we all used and I think we will (probably?) go with a similar one.
As to size...well,given the differing texts and approaches we'll probably split into two camps and decide amongst the individual groups.I don't think we need all be constrained to one size.If one person's idea requires an A4 size and another's needs a folded 100cms hexagon that's fine.
Once all participants are sorted I think we'll discuss it and come to some happy arrangement.

As to response...jeepers! I'm very much a response person, so I hope that's how we go!

Whatever we decide, I'm sure we'll have an interesting exchange!

I'd like to add, for other newcomers...the last swap was challenging, interesting, nail-biting and WORTH EVERY MINUTE! Please, all of you, feel free to fire off emails if you want to.

SCB said...

Hi Fiona, I'm with Di! Size is entirely up to you and what you can handle: I'd be delighted to see big books just as much as small ones! Last time around we had pamphlet bindings, hard covers, soft covers, 3D books, accordian books... a whole variety, which is half the fun. Colophon: Duck designed the last one and most of us used it; I guess we'll do something similar this time around, probably designed by the first person likely to finish... Response v. Rendition also entirely up to you: I used only the first couplet of the Edition One poem; others quoted in full or illustrated the whole poem; Angela used the poem as a starting point and didn't quote it at all! Edition size? Well with a maximum of 9 people in each group there will be 9 books + 1 book for the author + 1 book for exhibition + as many as you like to sell or give away. There were 8 artists participating in Edition One and I made 11 books, and I wish I'd made a few more so this time I'll probably aim for 15 (but no more!). Hope that helps! Sara x

Fiona Dempster said...

Thanks Dinah and Sara. It's good to hear about the response v rendition as you can't ever really tell from photos how much of the poem appeared in the finals...Edition size is also good to get my head around early, and the sense that folk wish they'd made a few more is a good tip for new player. Other thoughts welcomed. Fiona

Fiona Dempster said...

OK I just had another thought which I figured I should also check - do we have a due date kind of thing? After reading the blog I was wondering if Imprint7 in September 2011 was the end point to aim for, or is there some other point in time that is magical and meaningful. I promise I won't ask anything else for a while now!

Abigail Thomas said...

Im glad you are asking these questions Fiona because I think its useful for all us newbies!