Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work vs. Exhibitions

I was busy replying to Ronnie's post, pointing out that the SCU Artists' Book Awards aren't until Feb 2011, when something else occurred to me. A few years ago, when I joined the Artists' Book 3.0 Ning community I asked for some words of wisdom from other book artists: did they, I wonder, work in response to forthcoming exhibitions, or did they just work to their own timetable? This question has exercised my mind for years mainly because my pace of work is fairly slow and I always seemed to be rushing round the last corner and dashing towards an exhibition finishing line... Anyway, my new, slightly more mindful, tiny bit calmer self has kicked the habit. Hooray! These days I work to my own schedule (well, if I'm completely honest I do have a rolling timetable of exhibition dates in the back of my mind but these days I'm usually waving them goodbye as they pass...). If that schedule happens to fit in with an up-coming exhibition then great, otherwise I'm not fussed.

Why am I boring on about this? Only because I don't think anyone in the group should be getting stressed about BAO projects: the whole thing is supposed to be for enjoyment's sake, not a chore. I don't care if it takes a year to finish a project or an individual piece! There are no prizes for finishing anyway apart from self-satisfaction, another line on your CV and hopefully some happy comments from the lucky recipients... The production of a great body of collaborative work and the joys of new friendships will all happen as the time passes. I have really enjoyed our first edition and am itching to start the second, and I'm very excited about the prospects of showing our work at Monash next year - but in a very calm, no pressure sort of way.


Ampersand Duck said...

Yay, that's what I've been angling towards too, but this bubby was your wonderful idea, so I'm pleased you feel the fun vibe too.

Sorry if I'm sounding weird, I've been in bed for two days hacking up my lungs and my butt hurts. I'd like to be in my COLD COLD beautiful studio but Himself would disapprove.

When are we going to decide about project 2?

Ida said...

i have been away for a day or so and it seems lots has been happening here at BAO.
i would love to get started on something soon too.
do you think we could decide on something on the next couple of days if possible(strike while the iron is hot so to speak)?....i don't have anything in mind but i did love working to a poem...Carol's poem is great....but maybe we should throw some more ideas around before we decide....
As you can tell I find this collaborative decision making very difficult. I find myself trying hard not to sound too pushy, too indecisive, too vague and end up saying not too much at all.
could someone else please decide????!!!
i'll be happy to do anything!!!!!

Carol said...

Jane has put my thoughts into words - about trying not to sound pushy, indecisive, vague - and I end up feeling all of those. I'll be happy to do anything too, and it doesn't have to be based on a poem.

Angela said...

Thanks Sara. Like the laid back attitude, just as well seeing how long it too me to finish mine ;-)

I don't feel pressured by deadlines or anything. I still think it would be nice just to have a list of possible events/exhibitions just to have in the back of my mind. Like Sara, I could let those dates drift by and still not be finished.

I am really enjoying BAO, its difficult to say how much and why without sounding over the top or a creep! I think it sounds like most people are itching to start a new project and as Carol said it doesn't have to be a poem, just looking forward to doing anything.

moreidlethoughts said...

If we aim for the Monash are we talking about exhibiting one complete set (ooh! isn't it lovely to say that!)of Absences, as a group?
And when we embark on the next project, will it also be all of us doing one subject, or will we,as mentioned somewhere, perhaps split into smaller units?
Too bad we're so far apart or we could have a get-together dahn the local, innit!
I'm certainly up for something.(Except a virus cos I've had one of those!)

Angela said...

How's about a conference call on Skype?

Could be fun!