Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round Two

As per my earlier post, I think it's time to gather ourselves up and start looking at the possibilities for Round Two. Ding, ding!

With that in mind, what to do current BAO members think of me putting out a call for members to the Book Arts Listserve?

And if anyone's reading this or knows someone who might be interested, please do email me!


Ida said...
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Ida said...

sorry about removing the comment it had so many typos it was embarrassing. so here goes...

i think it is a nice idea to increase our numbers...i love the idea of being part of a connected book making group on a large scale....but i am concerned, at the moment, about making a bigger edition of books...maybe one more round with the original 8 members and then have others join in?
if we are going to let others join for round 2 could we not increase the numbers by dozens?
i certainly wont be upset/stressed/offended if you guys wont more members for the next round. and will modify my designs accordingly.
what do you think?

moreidlethoughts said...

What about the suggestion, 'way back, that if we had an increase, we divide into smaller units, each unit working to a different text.
The initial idea was to not let numbers get too high or we'd be locked into huge editions and lose the "fun" aspect.

This would not be a case of splinter groups. We'd all still be BAO friends, just , perhaps, not quite so stressed with big editions.

moreidlethoughts said...

Ooh! Don't forget that some competitions(like the Mackay one) are not open to non-Australians.

SCB said...

Helloo... I was thinking that we could split into smaller groups if we had the numbers. It has been lovely working with THIS configuration of people in Round One, but there are other lovely people out there who might be captivated by our beautiful work and want to join in, and who am I to say nay? If we put a call out we can decide how or whether to split things when we have an idea about numbers.

Carol said...

I like the idea of small groups but have no problem with inviting others to join us. I will put the Claire Beynon poem in a separate post for people to consider but I'll be very interested to see what else we can come up with. Maybe not even a poem, but a piece of prose, an abstract thought, something one of us has always longed to do but not got around to it...

ronnie said...

ahhh democracy in action - its a beautiful thing

ok I have a foot in both camps - I love the idea of opening this project up to other artists....I think it allows all manner of new ideas and connections and - well - growth - to occur


I don't think I am capable of making an edition larger than say 15...... and I have no idea about how to arrange things for larger numbers.... (the splinter group has possibilities....I like how it may allow others to participate - but I also really like the mob already assembled! ooooo dil-em-ars)

I'll put any thoughts of WHAT the next project might be in a separate post as suggested - but don't forget please let me know if any of you have thoughts/material regards exhibition rationale and support documentation PLEASE!

its school hols here - my kids are currently arguing about the cleaning of rooms - I think this requires either
a. my full attention or
b. a very big glass of brandy (for me! not the kids! although.......)

sooo I'd best away!

Angela said...

I think Ronnie has summed up almost exactly what I was thinking. Yes it would be lovely to have some 'new blood' but the edition size would need to be bigger, say for example if 4 or 5 extra people joined - and as I said before I would like at least 5 spare to sell and to exhibit - so that could bring it up to and edition of 20 (eeeeek!!!) And I really like the group we have.

If a lot more than that joined and we had to split up into groups - I think separate groups could get really confusing and be very difficult to manage, and the Book Arts Listserv has 3000 subscribers (!)

I think whatever we do, we should try and keep it as simple as possible. Maybe its just me but I doesn't take much to get me confused and I think the groups idea would be confusing. For example - would each group have its own leader as Sara leads this group? Does this mean that Sara would have to lead all the groups? I hope this doesn't sound negative, maybe its because I am not very good at organising things - I could never be a manager ;-)