Monday, July 5, 2010


ok present BAO makers - time for a group huddle...... go get a cuppa and get your brain cells into gear

(don't mind me -
this is an old collage thingy of mine - here only for decorative purposes only!
Sara was right - random pics DO make a post more jazzy!)

I've just returned from my annual jaunt to uni (wheee - made it back in one piece!) and I have Impact 7 exhibition proposal preparations firmly in my sights...... If memory serves, Impact proposal deadlines are rapidly approaching so I'd really like to get some extra info from all you lovely makers to assist in the preparation of a proposal.

In chatting with some Monash peoples I gather that Monash Uni organisers of Impact 7 are hoping to have a range of small (very short duration - eg only for the time of the conference) exhibitions on campus at Caulfield (I think we should be able to write a strong proposal to be involved) and that they also are hoping to branch out to other sites/institutions etc so that print making, artists books and all the good things Impact 7 is interested in will be spread out over a longer time and have greater geographic reach...... sooooooo I'm getting my thinking cap on on a variety of fronts.....

I really could do with your input - how about your thoughts on the following:

* do you think we should to aim for another completed project in time for Impact? (then there are a myriad of other things to chat about regards this - including if there are other folk out there who are simply DYING to be a part of the BAO-making revolution......)

* do you want us to put in for just a simple exhibition on campus - and/or something else?

and irrespective of both those points - I could really do with some extra support info/documentation (like personal bio or c/v or whatever else you think useful) - which would be best emailed to me I expect..... and by all means email any thoughts regards Impact 7 or other exhibition ideas rather than post a reply (but posting makes it a whole lot easy to follow a conversation.....)

and it should go without saying - any and all advice and feedback will be gratefully accepted!

***** updated july 7 (thought I'd put the Impact 7 dates up here for all to contemplate.... its sept 27-30 2011) *******


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, Ronnie! You do cover a lot of ground!
First up - pleased your southern sojourn went so well.

Now, getting more serious...Sara was talking about a Myrtle Street exhibition. And at one time, perhaps no longer in focus, was a Southern Cross exhibition.
We need dates for all these possibilities.

I should tell you right now that I could not do another completed object in the next few weeks. But if we "show" the Dobson books as a group that should be doable for all.

Moving aside to let others get a word in...

Di (still having problems with Blogger comments so may come up as Idle Thoughts)

ronnie said...

just to remind folk - impact 7 conference is scheduled for sept 27-30 in 2011 (so we have 14 months to get a second project completed - I'm confident that a proposal could be worded to include unfinished work as well)

and as we all have a collection of books - we can have multiple shows happening simultaneously (so I'm not worried about a clash if you like of dates) but I AM concerned about what an exhibition proposal would LOOK like (and if we get something together for one exhibition - eg impact - surely with a bit of minor tinkering, it could be wheeled out for other occasions?)

my concern right now is getting some details sorted so thanks di for getting going....

SCB said...

Hi Ronnie, thanks so much for this. My view is that it would be great to get an on-campus exhibition at Monash for the duration of the Impact 7 conference and if we can get an off-campus exhibition in Melbourne at the same time, GREAT! I presume that galleries such as Hand Held will be linking into the Monash events as a way of publicising themselves, so if we could grab something like that... I'm very happy to help with paperwork, collating things etc.

As for what to put in for exhibition, we've got one complete edition out now and I think we should kick off a second edition but WITHOUT putting pressure on anyone: if you finish in time then great, if not, nevermind. As the volume/size of exhibits wouldn't be huge, if we thought that maybe 5 pieces from edition #2 WOULD be ready then do you think we could estimate how much display space we'd need?

Angela said...

Thanks Ronnie. I am bit confused (it doesn't take much!) Is this something similar to what Sara said in the previous post?

As long as I know where I am with the dates for deadlines that any of these submissions involve then I can make a decision. Could someone post a list of proposed events & submission dates?
And also say if we would be submitting work from BAO Project 1 or 2.

Should Project 2 be set fairly soon? Even if the deadline for that is going to be Impact 7 (27 - 30 Sept 2011) it would be good to get started on it. Seeing as we have now received nearly all the books for Project 1 (Amanda's is on the way!) - and also taking into account how long it took me to do the last one!

Finally it would also help me decide on the edition size. If I am going to be sending books to Australia for exhibitions. I need to make a bigger edition.

SCB said...

By the way, just so we're clear... The Southern Cross Acquisitive Artists' Book Awards are now biennial, starting in February 2011 i.e. alternating with the Libris Awards. So no pressure to get anything going there! And while Myrtle Street Gallery in Brisbane is still a distinct possibility, they shut up shop for a few weeks and have only just - yesterday - reopened so we haven't had any kind of conversation from them about an exhibition yet.

ronnie said...

ps - I noticed late yesterday that blogger was having hassles with comments being posted..... and by the looks of things the first 2 comments made in here have disappeared into the mist (I can remember adding something to an early reply - but forget all the details!)

now sara - I'm with all the way - both with your comments here and the new post - that there should be minimal pressure on folk to produce to a deadline - pressure is off as we already have a completed (all bar one) set

but I think it would be good to have a second project included in the proposal (even if we have different participants/ only a small amount of work finished by next year....)

and I'm with you also in that we have a stab at an exhibition on site at the uni - and elsewhere in town (over a longer duration?) I suspect there will be a run on getting a spot at handheld to coincide with impact - but what the hey - its worth a stab.

I'm also tossing around the idea of how we might be able to introduce that blog component to the exhibition (???????any ideas people????)

but mostly I'm concerned about getting the proposal written (you got some introductory words sara that you might have to sum up how BAO came about? or whatnot? I think youre the logical person to comment of that side of things.....)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Blogger ate my comment yesterday apparently.
What I'd said was (briefly, in case this gets munched!) that we need DATES.
I think I also said that if something was needed within the next few weeks I'd have to decline.

But can you post, as a post, rather than a comment, the dates and venues, please?

Carol said...

I like the idea of minimal pressure but I'm keen to make something else, keen to get cracking. So far completely vague about what and when. By the way, if at any time in the future we'd like to do Claire Beynon's poem, she's happy for that to happen.