Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello and welcome!

We recently put out a call to artists as we get ready for Edition Two and it's been great to get so much positive feedback. The result is that we are welcoming seven new members to BookArtObject:

Ellen Sheffield
Anna Mavromatis
Guylaine Couture
Abigail Thomas
Louise Best
Fiona Dempster
and Ali, for whom I have no contact details as yet.

I have added Ellen, Anna, Guylaine, Abigail, Louise and Fiona to the blog as co-authors and hope that we'll hear from them soon. Back in the depths of last year when we started BookArtObject I remember that we all put up a post about ourselves and our work, and it would be great to hear from our new colleagues.


ronnie said...

I'm doing my 'cheerio' wave from (not so) sunny sams creek to all you newbies!

welcome to the sandpit!

I hope you enjoy the lovely group that sara has assembled here and really really enjoy the next creative adventure - I'm looking forward to getting to know a little more about you all

enjoy (ps - drinks are on the newbies.....I'll have a red thanks folks)

ronnie x

Angela said...

Welcome to all the new people. This is very exciting! I feel quite flattered that all these people want to join our group.

Beautiful work on all the websites on blogs, which makes me very interested to see what will be produced in the next project. I have followed all the blogs that have a follow link.

Abigail Thomas said...

thanks for the welcome! this is such a great group and I really enjoyed watching the last project unfurl; really hope that I can live up to it for this project.

Amanda said...

Yes I'd like to add a warm welcome from wintery Brisbane, although I'm currently in wet-Sydney! What fun it is going to be getting to know all the new members. Hope you enjoy the group as much as we have so far!