Friday, July 30, 2010

Another introduction..

I have really enjoyed observing the progress of the first edition for BAO and then watching with awe and wonder as the full set appeared.  All so beautiful, so thoughtful and so unique and I feel privileged to be involved in the second edition.

I describe myself as a calligraphic and book artist, because I don't really think I can call myself a proper calligrapher, even tho that is where it all began for me.  I really don't have the patience or skill required to be a master of that craft, altho I hold my own generally speaking. And I love books.

I am a self confessed cartaphile (my made up word for paper-lover), graphyophile (my made up word for lover of writing) and bibliophile (lover of books and I didn’t make that one up).

I am not a fan of the arts-crafts divide and arguments that rage in the pages of art journals and in the halls of art schools about what is art and what is craft. Usually suggesting that ‘art’ is better than ‘craft’. I have never felt ‘lesser’ than a painter because I am a designer and a maker.

My work is often quiet, small and intimate. My work doesn’t shout; it is calm and quietly draws you in and asks you to spend some time with it. This is in part why I love artists books - books allow the viewer to be intimate with the work; to have a one on one experience and to be drawn into the artist’s world, often quietly and slowly.

I blog over at paperponderings and am also the coordinator of A Letter a Week 2010 which has been great fun so far. Oh and I love rusty stuff.


Carol said...

Welcome Fiona, I'm sure you will enjoy being part of BookArtObject. I really like your Journey book.

Anonymous said...

Another stitcher-of-words!Welcome aboard,Fiona.


Iam also new to this venture and blogging.
The Winterson piece appeals to my imagination.
I will introduce myself in a post at a later date.

Angela said...

Welcome Fiona. I am interested in your comments about arts-crafts divide. My degree dissertation was about the design-crafts divide.

I agree with Carol, the Journey book is beautiful.