Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another petit pacquet

It's such fun visiting my mailbox and discovering another book! This time it is Carol's deeply personal book Drifting, about her parents. I know Carol's been doing a Sara in the sense of not being quite satisfied with her endeavours but I thoroughly enjoyed Carol's book and think it stands up very well in the group. Hooray for another lovely book to add to the collection! I'm saving the thrill of getting them all out together for when I finally have a shelf in our new house... only a month to go (fingers crossed).


Angela said...

I had a lovely surprise too. Carol your book is beautiful. I think this must have been very difficult to discuss something so personal so openly. I love the photographs, they have printed beautifully. Thank you very much.

Ida said...

thanks carol...it is a really wonderful book. like Angela I am in awe of your personal response to the poem. thanks for sharing.

dinahmow said...

Me too! My book was in the mailbox when I got home (from doing daft things in town-more later.)

What comes through to me in this one ( apart from the painful "absence") is a wonderful sense of happiness.A happiness and generosity of spirit that far outlives the man's demise.

Thankyou, CArol

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, I've been trying to find a moment to write a response to Carol's covering letter... the book, now that it's been opened a few times, opens perfectly well, and I've made plenty of worse mistakes. It's a beautiful and very poignant book. Well done!

In fact... confession time... I'm a bit unhappy with my effort, which is why I'm dragging my heels. It's the worst letterpress I've EVER done, because the ink was too soupy and soaked into the paper as it was drying, so all my hard monoprinting has been undermined by substandard text production! I have reduced the edition, culling ruthlessly, and tried to set them into a crisp and smart binding, but I'm still not 100% confident that I want to send them into the world. But, I'm going to bite the bullet, and they should be in the mail next week. Gulp.

Carol said...

Thank you all for your heartening responses to my book. It was very personal and I'm not often game to put myself on the line like that but I'm pleased now that I did, even taking into consideration the problems I had with the binding. BAO has been a wonderful group to work with and I look forward to the next challenge.