Monday, May 24, 2010

Constructive feedback ;)

I would just like to say at this point, even though we haven't totally completed our first round of books, how wonderful it has been to receive these books, all very different, all amazing in their own ways.

As each book has arrived, I have taken them to my book class, and we've discussed the bindings and the interpretations. They have been really well received, and it's been a great way to talk about retaining your individuality within a group brief.

I can't wait to have the entire set; I'm going to make a dedicated box for them (and will do the same for future sets) and use them as teaching tools for years!


Ida said...

It has been a wonderful experience both making and receiving the books and it is great to hear that they are recieved well by others too, especially in the 'school' context.

Where to now? Are people keen to start on another project straight away?or is a break needed?

I have found that I am missing the pressure to make and would love to start something. It was suggested a few blogs ago (i think by sara)that we could break into smaller groups and therefore reduce the edition? this would also work for those of us who have other stuff on the boil and want to wait.

What does everyone think?

dinahmow said...

Yes, I agree that a smaller group/edition would be easier to manage.
But before we start something new, should we not be sending our "extra" copies from the Dobson work to Sara for submission to the Southern Cross show?(And if we miss that cut should we tilt for the Gippsland one?)
And if anyone wants to opt out for a while I hope they speak up. I know that I could not make another 8 books in the near future! ButI guess it would depend on the style.
That's another thing - will we be given free reign, as before, or do some of you want to make case bound, or box-presentation books?
Time for a cyber pow-wow, I think.

Angela said...

I don't think I would be ready to work so intensely for a while. So perhaps a way round this would be to choose a simpler style?

Or should we wait until we have all received the books for this one and have written it all up as suggested by Sara?

Then its all done and dusted.

Having said that, finishing the last edition was a bit of an anti-climax. A huge relief at first, but then very shortly afterwards I kind of missed it and had urges to be working on something else again.

SCB said...

Oh me, oh my... I think I'll put up a separate post on the issue!