Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, Sara and I had no problem greeting each other at the airport. Of course, Mackay Airport is
a tad smaller than Heathrow or LAX!

Back to "Te Whare Tini" (via the beach road) for some lunch nibbles and chatting and then it was time to head down to Artspace.

I'll let Sara write her view of the night (after a long, exhausting day she's still in the Land of Nod), but I will say, briefly, that it's lovely to now know two more of the BAO group. Last night,Sara introduced me to Caren, whom I'd have recognised by her bright red & brooch!

Now there's a powerhouse! She'd travelled from Canberra, been giving workshops and was still full of life and sparkle. Last seen heading for a Thai restaurant to (hopefully) tie up a business possibility.

Sara, The Man and I joined some other friends at La De Da for a meal. And such is the pull of art that two friends whose home and studio and garden took a battering from Ului were in town for the show. You just can't keep an artist down!

10pm may not seem late to some of you, but we'd had a long day ...

A few images...
Sara and The Man at the Cafe

Sandra and Di at the Cafe. (Sandra has a print in the Printbank collaborative entry.) Not facing camera- Heather and Denise, both Printbank folk.

Of course, openings are always crowded and one never has a chance to really look at all the work, but I will say that there are some very impressive books here.

Off now to drive Sara to the airport...

I did see some people taking a few not-very-surreptitious snaps with cell phones, but we left our cameras outside


SCB said...

I'm giving you my "oh no, not a camera..." look in that photo! Thank you very much for a great time and I look forward to another good excuse for a BAO blogmeet! Sara x

dinahmow said... was a pleasure to meet you. And, yes, another get-together should be do-able.

Ange said...

Hmmm - Mackay airport is one of my FAVES!! Brissy gets more use from me though. Thanks for dropping by my blog - how did another kiwi turned Queenslander find me over here in France?