Sunday, March 21, 2010

HP B9180 - Printer Fun & Games

Just an update on the progress (or not) of my book. I've finished all the content and its already for printing. I've managed to print it off (below) on Somerset Book paper which is really gorgeous. However, I am printing double sided and have had a few problems with alignment. It was while I was carrying out some experiments on cheaper paper to get the alignment right, that I had the result above. I can't totally blame the printer for this, it was pretty rubbish paper and I was printing through the speciality media tray so it didn't like it too much.

I've also recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.6 and no longer have the full features in my print drivers (and every time it prints it tells me all the print heads are missing!). I don't want to bore you all with the tech stuff, but just thought I'd give an update on my progress.


Ida said...

oh bugger! techno problems are a real pain. best of luck

Angela said...

Yes indeed. I can't believe I haven't screamed yet, or kicked the printer.

I've managed to make a final mock up book today, but I made a lot of mistakes. Its a single signature and I'm really happy with all the content and the way it printed. But the spine is too tight and I messed up the endpapers.

Has anyone got some good techniques for gluing in the endpapers? I have problems keeping it all straight. Ronnie - yours are beautifully done and really straight. Any tips?

ronnie said...

ooo what enticing pics (I even like the mangled one up top!) - I had heard via the traps (ok my daddy dearest) of the problems with macs snow leopard and printer drivers - when he upgraded he had to get new drivers for his various printers - and some models hadn't bothered about creating a new patch yet blah blah, blah..... its one of the reasons I've held off upgrading my 'puter. (another little birdie - a more reliable font of mac wisdom - mentioned ages ago of how frustrating HP are.... but I don't have any HP equipment so I remain oblivious)

hopefully it will all come good for you soon!

and I couldn't help chuckle at the lovely compliment you've paid me (I'm blushing) so even if I feel totally unqualified to give advice I'll just mention one thing I have/do

I have a little (homemade) 'tool' that I use to ensure everything is aligned and square - its a piece of 2 x 4 wood attached to the long end of a piece of plyboard (oh for a picture) - this provides a straight edge to line the book cover boards against - and with these in perfect alignment its easy to get the endpapers to line up.

(oooo describing things is not the same as a piccie or a demo.... its very frustrating - I'm not the most technical of people!)

I'll sign off with a good luck - I'm sure it will all come together swimmingly xx

Carol said...

Thanks for the warning about the Mac upgrade to Snow Leopard and the printer drivers. I'm just about to do that and would never have thought of the printer driver being a problem. Of course, if I continue to spend money as I have so far in NZ, the new Mac may go way back on the list. Just over one more week here and still so many places to go, exhibitions to see, food to eat, great wine to buy. And I'm very keen to get home and start putting my books together...

SCB said...

I had the same problems with my Epson Stylus Photo 2100 on which I printed the pages I turned into origami... not the printer driver problems, just the printer-not-liking-the-paper problems! I reckon I had to print twice as many sheets as I needed to get the required number of not-mangled ones to fold up... I was screaming at the damned printer by the time I finished so I'm impressed with your restraint, Angela! Sara

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, I do know your pain. I've just upgraded too, and changed computers, and I'd forgotten all the little side-frustrations to such an enterprise... my printer needed new drivers (and still won't work as well as before), the speakers on my last computer can't fit the new laptop (and Apple made a converter plug and then stopped making them, so they are VERY expensive on ebay) and various other things don't work or fit anymore. Sigh.

So good luck -- looks as though it's all coming together anyway.

Angela said...

Its nice to share the 'pain' of OS upgrades and printer drivers and tedious stuff like that. My boyfriend just laughs at me and makes unhelpful comments like "well if you will spend £500 on a printer....why isn't it all singing all dancing? etc etc.

I would like to blame HP, but I had an Epson A4 printer before this one and went through the same pain when going form OS9 to OS10. Having said that my Epson V500 Scanner works perfectly with the same drivers, and my EyeOne had brand new drivers ready to download straight away.

Thanks for the advice Ronnie. I'm sorry but I just can't picture what you are saying.

Anyways, a night in my homemade book press with 4 bricks on top of it has smoothed over a multitude of sins. Even part of the endpaper that looked really badly crinkled is now smooth. Its a miracle! I even fooled my printer into printing on to bookcloth by lightly gluing it onto some card with pritt stick. Which reminds me I really need to make a decision about how the text will be on the cover, printed, embossed, none?

I'll stop rambling on now (I'm very good at it). Looking forward to other peoples updates.

Amanda said...

A bit late with this reply, Angela, but I do sympathize. It seems for me, that technical hitches are all part of the process. Coming from ceramics, very often the media I choose now are new to me, and every little thing has to be worked out. Hence my slowness (to a degree). I do enjoy it mostly,I'm a bit of a troubleshooter by nature I think, except when deadlines are looming of course.