Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The nights are becoming longer, the mornings (well, the 5 o'clock bits of them!) are a little chillier.

What does this mean, for me?

It means that the light is not yet good enough to do close paperwork, like drawing, assembling books or ironing the bale of laundry!

I can, however, manage a quick trawl through my blog reader, fresh espresso to fuel me. And this morning, this interesting post popped up. I'm sure everyone in BAO has rolled her eyes at the craft-y confusion. I am still hesitant to describe what I do as "book making."

And, onto "the" book. Here is a little teaser. I'll say no more as you should (Austpost cooperating) have your copies next week. With the Easter holiday in there, some may not arrive til later. (I'm thinking mainly of Angela in this case.)

And, if you missed it over at Idle Thoughts...

Where else would two artistic girls meet but at an exhibition! It was wonderful to finally "fit the person to the emails." And, Carol, I'm counting on you to have more/better pictures!

Now, daylight's improving...


Amanda said...

Oooh! this does look interesting. Will be watching out for the postie.
Lucky you to meet up with Carol. I am looking forward to being able to meet our group members some day.

dinahmow said...

Amanda...are you coming up for the Libris opening? I know The Duck is delivering one of the addresses and Sara will be here, too.(Bunking at my place, brave girl!)

Ida said...

Dina, i love these images. and like you look forward to the closed evenings to huddle down to some knitting etc.

dinahmow said...

ida...thankyou. It was lovely in NZ to have the longer daylight hours;night falls too fast in the tropics!

Angela said...

I got my book! Could have been delayed by Easter Bank Holidays, not sure. Its gorgeous thank you very much. I did toy with the idea of a concertina style binding at one stage, but thought it would make me shriek too much - aligning all the folds.

I know I've already said this, but as I get each book I am fascinated how everyone has such a different approach, its great and lovely to have such a beautiful collection of books.

dinahmow said... glad it's arrived! Yes, the holidays and Posties'Picnics do give us some anxious moments.
And I'm also glad you like it ;-)