Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, our rain continues. Sometimes not much more than a showery drizzle, but mostly a very tropical wet season hammering. What's that you say...? Watch the telly? Well, watching is about all we can do, since we certainly can't hear it! I SAID WE CAN'T HEAR...Oh, never mind!

Here is a link,via Greenchair Press, to a wonderful cut-out book. Do click on the links in the post to read more about the making of this. (And see what she says about buckram!)

I'm still plodding along with The Book. And now I have help! My friend has said I can use her press "for as long as it takes" as she does not need it. Thanks, Ali!

I do have a query for you "proper" bookmakers :

When editioning prints, whenever there is a variable element, like hand-colouring, we state this in the signing, eg

1/10 V/E Title Signature Date

Is this also recognised protocol in artists' books?

My 'Absences' book will have original illustrations and I'd like to get it right! So, do I number each book as I would a print? That is, as a V/E (variable edition).

Ooh! Rain has stopped. I can take out the compost scraps and the garbage and maybe even some laundry...


Amanda said...

Thanks for posting this link, Dinahmow. It's a really interesting post. As for your question, I'm not really qualified to answer, but I would number the books as a variable edition. I'm sure there are trained printmakers who can tell you for sure though. Good luck with "The Book"!

dinahmow said...

Amanda...thanks for your input.The V/E is what I intend, unless someone tells me it's incorrect.
And, yes, Hannah's site is lovely.

Ida said...

oops i hadn't thought about the V/E I'm sure I've made a mistake. Will it matter? I've already stuck the colophon on and am doing my last bits of embroidery.

Ampersand Duck said...

I think books can be treated with the same convention as prints; 'variable edition' certainly sounds better than 'unique books in an edition of 'x''!!

SCB said...

Hooray! I can post comments again! I agree about v/e... I use it in prints and artists' books. Sara x

dinahmow said...

Thankyou, folks. I shall proceed as for prints.
And....drumroll! Ronnie's little gem has arrived!

SCB said...

Love the lasercut book too but I, like Amanda, am having to do the cutting without the laser...

Angela said...

I am so jealous of that cast iron nipping press, I want one!

Excuse my ignorance but I have never heard of a variable edition so have no idea what it is, if anyone can enlighten me? But this does pose a good question, I may want to sell prints of some of the images I have made for the book - so is this perhaps where the variable edition comes in?

I did a bit of lasercutting on one of book courses in Bristol

I enjoyed but wasn't quite sure what do with it!

And last but by no means least - I have received Ronnie's beautiful book. Thank you Ronnie, its gorgeous and beautifully made. Another well needed kick up the ass to finish mine!

dinahmow said...

angela...V/E simply means that although each print is produced from the same plate, the prints may be hand-coloured or even printed in different colours.
eg: an image of a teapot, printed in black 10 times is numbered 1/10 et cetera. If you print the same plate in red (or other colours) you number 1/10 V/E et cetera.
And, yes, I,too, have the Ronnie book. I did email Ronnie, but should have told you guys as well!
I'm off to NZ in a couple of days. The rain has all gone out west and I hope to get my books away when I come back.
(It's not going to be easy to return Ali's lovely press!)

SCB said...

And I should also point out that I've received Ronnie's book (I did email Ronnie, you'll be pleased to hear!) - and it's lovely. Even lovelier with Ronnie's calligraphic address *sigh* wish I knew how to make MY writing look that elegant!

Carol said...

Great as life is in NZ, I can't wait to get home to Ronnie's book. And to finish mine.

I had to go all the way to NZ to meet Dinahmow face to face - so that was a highlight, as was the exhibition we saw. Today I'm heading north to meet a marbling friend and maybe see some booky people as well.

dinahmow said...

I've just loaded my camera card and will post a pic later of "two glamourous ladies enjoying an art show."
Must go---Cyclone Uluis is heading this way!