Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Which- way- will -I- go?

At first, when Sara posted Rosemary Dobson's poem, I thought:
"Argh! How will I approach this?"

Do you really want to know? I'm going to tell you, anyway!

The date leapt out at me and not for happy reasons. 1986. I have not troubled myself to Google for any further significant headlines, but I think everyone in this group remembers the Space Shuttle? The Chernobyl disaster? And all the UN action in the wars that seem constant.

Yes. I could see some ugly "absences" there, including a personal, if tenuous, link.

So I changed tack and thought of other approaches. Again, when I chose a personal loss it was too close to put into something that was going to be sent out into the world.

Moving right along... I came full circle, to the poem's words and decided to go with that.

But how, technically, to present it? I do not have access to sophisticated printing equipment so any text would have to be hand-drawn or on a support that my dinky little A4 Canon could handle.

if there is a tempis fugit icon, please imagine it inserted here...

There followed a lot of tearing, snipping, folding of's some of it.

And it's just from the scrap basket so the curious glyphs mean nothing!

Another trial; this from a torn-up print. And I found out (the hard way) that my printer does not like it!*

I could show you a lot more, but how boring would that be? Besides, I think the storm is coming closer and, having just bought a new modem, I aint a-takin' chances!**

* Lovely, thick Fabriano, a dream for relief printing.
** Raining bucketloads again, so these are taken in glare-y indoor light.


Carol said...

This is a real teaser too, and I have no idea what the end result will be. I know I'd love to have one of your prints (no, that should read another one) and I'm very curious to see what you are cooking up.

dinahmow said...

carol...what I'm cooking up? When I've figured it out I'll tell you.!

Amanda said...

Dinahmow - I love the way you are exploring different structures. Wishing you loads of inspiration!

dinahmow said...

Amanda - thankyou. Actually, I'm inspired to do something different every day with this and think I will make a "different" book just for myself, to see if it works.
But I shant inflict untried experiments on you!

Ida said...

Hi Dina - love the accordian structure and the strong colours - look forward to seeing more!

ronnie said...

I'm pleased I've finished mine off (and told the world so) or I'd start fretting and worrying that everything else I see is so much more exciting that I can manage - and I'd start all over again and again and again! - your pics here are very enticing.... looking forward to seeing how things eventuate.

dinahmow said...

ronnie...I should just shut myself in the shed and "do it" because every time I look at someone else's work...
But I'm having a major battle with the weather!Y'know, I could probably do a PhD on moulds!

dinahmow said...

ida...oops! another comment-blocking-moment and I missed you.
I'm also looking forward to the finish line!

Angela said...

I really like the accordian style too. Pity your printer doesn't like it! I used to have several tricks I used on my old printer to 'con' it into doing stuff it didn't want to. My new printer is way too finicky to fall for that though.

Don't worry about what other people are doing, yours is looking good. It so interesting to hear all the different thought processes, you are going through; and also fascinating to see how we are all approaching it from different angles.

dinahmow said...

angela...thankyou. I suppose it's the teacher/editor in me that keeps seeing revisions and new angles! And I agree that the differences make it interesting.