Saturday, January 23, 2010

some booky goodness for you

A non-book-binding friend sent me a link to this site which I thought would be of interest.

And this is one which will tickle the fancy of the letterpress people. Just for fun (and without the suggested cheating!) I did the quiz and scored 45%. Of course, I'm strutting around like a pigeon!Some of those questions are hard for non-printers.

Well, a minor paper hiccup at this end has seen a rethink on my Dobson book. If I re-size what I intended to make I will have enough paper. The shop will re-order, but supplies come up from Melbourne. (oh! the tyranny of distance!)

I pulled 12 prints the other day and while some are OK, I am not happy with others so must hit the press again this week.

All this with a sprained thumb! Good thing I can drink ambidextrously!


Carol said...

Teo's blog is great fun, all those vintage leathers she finds and turns into books. I've collected a few old pieces of leather but now feel I should be putting them to good use. But then again, I should be doing lots of things, Learning Absences being at the forefront of that list.

Ida said...

Thanks Dinah, interesting sites. Sorry about your thumb!

dinahmow said...

carol...yes, I love old leather, too (used to buy my handbags from op shops!), but would be scared of ruining it in a book!

ida...the thumb is strapped and will be fine in a day or so.I hope!(It's pouring here-I wish I could send it to you!)