Friday, January 15, 2010

Jumping the gun

I'm not about to rush into anything but as I'm enjoying our BookArtObject activities SO MUCH I keep encountering pieces of writing and thinking to myself, "Ooh, that would make a good BAO project!", and it's happened again.

Lesley at Printed Material wrote a post based on a poem by Wislawa Szymborska entitled 'A Word on Statistics', which I loved. So - in my 'I'll just collect that because it will come in handy for something...' sort of way, I thought I'd draw your attention to it as a possible future project and see what you think!

This photo has absolutely no relevance to the above post, it's just the view down the valley from my studio this morning!

I should also say that I am spreading the word about BookArtObject with the idea that hopefully more artists will join in, so please do the same. I can imagine it would be hard to have a project group of more than 8 people, as we have now, but there's no reason why there couldn't be more than one BAO project running at a time, with different people involved depending on which text interests them... but I am slightly ahead of myself, I know. Meanwhile Ronnie made the excellent suggestion of organising an exhibition at a regional gallery with the books from this project as a centrepiece and perhaps some of our other book-related work as well... Ronnie, that would be great! Let me know if there's anything I can do.


Ampersand Duck said...

That's a wonderful poem... I love the way that the numbers can be statistics yet also human ages.

Well, keep a file together, and we can all add to it. Remember that permissions for use are very important!

And yes, good idea to form 'pods' of makers with a limit for each edition, otherwise projects might get a bit unwieldy & cumbersome (and thus off-putting!). You could have a few 'pods' working on the same text, as well.

ronnie said...

thanks for spreading the word/idea around sara (about possibly exhibiting booky things)

after I actually MAKE this project's piece I'll have some head space to think more about it - and to post something useful - but in the meantime it would be good to hear others thoughts (it might not be at all attractive to the majority.... and thats cool by me!)

geeez I've really got to find some quality studio time!

Ida said...

I really like your idea Sara. Like Duck says a number of small groups could work on the same text. It also reduces the expectation of members to participate in all exhibitions, if other commitments are pressing. I would really appreciate if the more knowledgeable members of BAO could tell me if all texts need permission. What if the composer is dead eg Shakespeare or Barrett Browning? What about paintings or drawings?

dinahmow said...

Ida is asking about that thorny issue: copyright.
As a rule of thumb (and thumbs vary!) copyright expires 75 years from the death of owner.
That's always safer to check as the original owner may have deeded property to a beneficiary.
Shakespeare, Biblical quotes, et cetera are usually pretty safe.
Some of my stuff is "out there" and, while I don't mind if it's been published by someone else with my permission, I (and others) now have to get permission.
If you do happen across anything of mine floating about the web and want to use it, just ask me, as copyright, in most cases, does remain with me.
The legal field is a veritable minefield these days, with people photo-shopping and cropping.

And, yes, I think small groups working to same texts might be fun.

Four Seasons in a Life said...


I came across this site through Carol who came across my blog earlier today and since I have added both sites to The DIRECTORY. With that said, I wish to poke around a little more and tell you that I have an interest in possible joining in on a collaboration in the future after knowing more about the project and the logistics as I am located in Northern California.

I notice the question of copyright in the above comment, you will find a link to answer some of those questions on The DIRECTORY, and though Dina is right, but heirs can renew the copyright after 75 years.

Anyway, wishing this group all the best and a wonderful weekend,

Egmont van Dyck,
839 Maison Way
El Sobrante, California, USA 94803-3571

Multi-Medium artist and photographer
SKYPE: TheCaliforniaKid

Niko said...

I also got here via Carol's blog, and I'm really interested in joining.