Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hello.... could you email me your postal addresses? And I'll circulate the list via email with my address too. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) to post my books out to you before I move house on Jan 4th, but don't hold me to it! Talk to you soon, Sara x


Angela said...

I've emailed you my address. How far along are other people with their books, and is there a deadline? I am nowhere near being ready to post mine out yet!

Ida said...

I am not close either, but am aiming for end of January - only because I have to go back to work. I did mention march 31 in an early comment. Is that too late?

SCB said...

Helloooo! Don't worry, there isn't a deadline. It's just me trying really hard to finish this piece of work before I have to pack up my studio next week and move house. I know myself, and if I don't keep the pressure up I'll tell myself I can leave it until the end of whenever and it will be really hard to pick it up again.

Ida did mention March 31st, which seems like a good arbitary deadline. In my head I have the idea that it would be really great to put this first project into the Southern Cross Book Arts Awards and usually the application has to be submitted in June-ish. If we were really keen and finished at the end of March PERHAPS the next project might kick off round about June? Anyway, the main thing is NO PRESSURE! So don't panic. If you aren't enjoying it there's no point doing it, and I want to enjoy it!

Is that OK? I don't think we need to be hedged around with rules, and I imagine people will want to participate in some projects and then not be inspired by others so it's conceivable that as we go along there might be 2 projects running simultaneously or overlapping or something with different people getting involved with each project.

Sara x

ronnie said...

yowza! you ARE very together sara!

I'm planning to get thoroughly into making things in the new year - rather than just collecting all the requisite bits and bobs to make my stuff.... and making wee little mock-ups.... which I think my girlie turned into a paper fan....

so I'm hopeful of posting out early feb(?) as it appears that I'll be neck deep in full time study next year..... (yes I'm crazy)

hope your move (yucko) goes well sara

Carol said...

I'll be trying to get mine out by end Feb because I'll be in NZ most of March and somewhere in the bush half of April. It's still all in my head though getting clearer. (The book, not the trips). Just need to do a mock-up to see if it will work.

Sara, I'll send my address by email and I hope your move goes well too.
AND happy greetings to everybody.

dinahmow said...

I've emailed you,Sara. And as to sending the books...I, too, am trying for February as I'll be off to NZ (no, not with Carol!)I also have to carve lino and pull 12 prints for another swap, due February.

So...have a wonderful Christmas, everyone and if you pop over to my blog there might be a little something for you.Don't rush, some of the gifties might be coming via Eurostar!