Thursday, December 3, 2009

Folded Book

I have finally got something to show. 

It is based on the turkish map fold. More details over at mine.  Jane.


Carol said...

This is wonderful, Jane. I jumped straight over to your page and your concept and the way you've carried it out is brilliant. Your interpretation of the poem is very interesting and works well for your book.

I've been toying with folds but I think my plan is too grand for my abilities. Somehow I have to pare down either my concept or the material I'd like to use (my father's paintings).

I'm delighted to see others getting there but I'm beginning to despair about my own book.

ronnie said...

who's been a busy girlie then!?

this looks wonderful jane - I love the format - and like carol I popped over to your personal blog to check out all the details.... very inspiring (and of course makes me feel very frustrated that I'm not able to get my hands into things at the moment.... grrrrrr!)

I'm looking forward to seeing (and receiving...) the final result

dinahmow said...

Saw a glimpse before breakfast. Then, before I had a chance to get to Idamusidora...a power cut!
But I'm going there now!

SCB said...

Beautiful, Jane! I love the 3-dimensionality (is that a word...?!) of your book, and your interpretation. Can't wait to get one in the post!

Ida said...

thanks for the kind comments. just realized i don't have enough of the orange mango paper. better get online!!!

Ampersand Duck said...

Lovely. I like the way your concept jumped between posts, and I think you came to the right conclusion. If anyone gets the chance, have a look at more of Dobson's poetry, because so much of the later stuff is really domestic, and there are a number of constant images: doors, holland blinds, windows, jugs, chairs... all good female metaphors to work with!

Ida said...

Thanx Duck