Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Planning meeting

So... just in case anyone hasn't been paying attention to the comments of the post a few doors down, I thought I'd bring this debate up to the surface:

Have we decided unanimously to skip this looming Libris deadline and just make the book in our own time? If not, we need to work out a submission. Pronto.

...but... if we ARE releasing the pressure valve, then can we give ourselves another deadline? Otherwise I will never get around to doing the book! I need a deadline of some sort, you can blame my bad high school study habit of doing things at the last minute.

My suggestion is the end of March. If you finish before then, FANTASTIC. If you need more time by then, we'll have to get out the birch rods... That will give us time to work out how to put ourselves together as a group entry for anything, if we want to operate that way. And if we're all happy, we can then think about a something for our next project.

What does everyone think? That is just a serving suggestion: if anyone has a more significant and workable date, bring it forth!


Ida said...

I must admit that I had already taken my foot of the peddle and was already cruising into 2010. So much so I missed the deadline for the 'out of the box' at Bega Regional Gallery. Oh well. But like Duck I can speed up again if necessary. My vote is to skip the libris for a March 31, deadline.

But it would be nice to have an exhibition to work towards. What/when is the southern cross?

dinahmow said...

Blogger didn't publish my earlier comment! I had said that Sara has not yet entered this debate.

I suggested earlier that The Southern Cross Award (I think their entry deadline is around June?) would relieve our current pressure and allow Angela to take part.

I'll now say that it's "what I vote for" if we're to have a vote.And end of March for our eight-way swap is good.

Ampersand Duck said...

I would also like to add that if anyone has their heart set upon their book from this project being in the Libris, I personally have no objection to their entering it individually...

Carol said...

To take the pressure off and make the deadline 31 March would be great for me. If that suits everyone else then I'm very happy. I'd still like us to enter the Southern Cross Award whenever it comes up.

SCB said...

Hellooo! I'm here, just keeping my head down at the back. Well, you know, it sounds as if you'd be happier if we go for the Southern Cross awards next year. Personally I may or may not have something ready to photograph and get in to Libris by Dec. 4th, but that doesn't matter: it can go to Libris if by some miracle I finish in time, and if not, nevermind. And either way it can function as part of this textual response anyway. I really would like to do Southern Cross when it comes around, though. It's such a great event and all the people involved would be so enthusiastic about what we're doing... Is that a majority decision, then? We'll put stuff in to Libris individually if we can and we'll put the group entry into Southern Cross next year? That would certainly give me time to refine my response. Sara x

ronnie said...

I've had a (work sized) bomb hit my place just yesterday - which in effect would make meeting a december deadline very very tricky - so I'll reset for March 31 and the southern cross

I had intended a single entry in the libris (if I could find something suitable lurking in the cupboards) - I'll see if I can still manage to get it together (I had envisaged the b-a-o work would be entered only if it was part of a group thing - so I won't be killing myself trying to get something photographed for the libris deadline)


taking deep breath now

dinahmow said...

I'm breathing more comfortably now! Thanks, everyone, for settling on Southern Cross.
Sara, I think you might have mentioned the dates for this?

My little printer doesn't like my Fabriano!(pout!)But I will post something when I've done some paper-wrangling!