Thursday, November 19, 2009

In between folding my "scrappy" paper and re-jigging some plans and arguing with my printer...
I sometimes make some coffee and read other blogs.

And this is how I came across this (URL, in case the link doesn't work!)

I know some of you probably read the same blogs. This is Green Chair Press and if I ever make it to San Francisco...

Now, about "Absences." I have been messing about with some transfer prints. Note the word "messing" in that sentence. I have managed some interesting transfers in other work, but what I was aiming for in this case just aint gonna work.

I was hoping to get transfers directly onto some rather heavy paper (Fabriano Artistico, which is swoonworthy for lino work), but it's a bit too much for my printer to cope with. So now I must decide between transfers on lighter paper or some other method of illustration on my heavy paper.

Having a little more time to get this right helps!

After 5 aborted attempts to get a picture up here I have given up!


Carol said...

I love that old book smell and always felt slightly suspicious of anyone who walked into our very old library at the Australian Museum and commented that they thought it "had a funny smell".
Bad luck about your Fabriano not going through the printer. I haven't decided on my paper yet but I suppose that's a consideration. So many considerations and I'm very relieved to have the extra time to mull it all over.

dinahmow said... Canon will accept some art papers, but not all have their weight (gsm) in the watermark and stores (well, out in the sticks!) don't always have accurate labels!I tend to judge by "feel" and use those computer papers as a guide. Two or three sheets of the typical "Happy Christmas" paper is a good estimate for me.