Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crawling in Coffs Harbour

I was so impressed by Ronnie's picture of her workings that I thought I'd take a picture of my table too... no, the adjustable wrench isn't part of the process, except that I used it as a hammer to push in the map pin so I could assemble the transparencies in the foreground!

I'm finding my thinking on the subject quite interesting, actually, if that isn't a little self-absorbed! The structure of the book is crucially important and I can't work properly with the contents until I've resolved the matter of the 3-dimensional form of the book. In a way I think of books as 'containers' of all sorts of things, and the how of that containment is for me as important as the contents.

I'm also wrestling with a few personal demons. The poem we're using as a starting point is about death: getting used to the absence created by the death of a partner. None of my former partners has died (as far as I know, anyway), but there have been the metaphorical 'deaths' of relationships as well as suicide, vehicle accidents and nasty diseases. I've deliberately avoided looking into my own life as source material in my work except in the most sideways, glancing way but somehow this piece is personal. I just need to find a suitable form in which to express myself.


Carol said...

This is a really personal poem for me. Not knowing the circumstances, I actually read it as being about the partner being gone, rather than having died. Like a divorce or separation, but my own take on this subject is the loss and absence of the other person through dementia.

SCB, I certainly don't think you're self-absorbed to find your thinking is interesting. I'm sure we've all got our heads full of the poem and how we are going to deal with it. It's certainly keeping me awake at night, and mainly because I can't get the structure right in my head, let alone as a mock-up.

I've got as far as some pictures and text but what to do with them is a bit of a mystery right now.

ronnie said...

oooh this looks so interesting SCB - your table and workings are so much neater and more together than my pitiful scrawled paper messes - I can't wait to see the resolution of your piece - and thanks for sharing not just the work's physical development, but also how your thoughts are evolving as well - it's a rare insight

SCB said...

Aaah, Ronnie, you're just deceived because I focused only on one little area of the table! The rest of it is covered in abandoned glasses of water, piles of receipts (still haven't finished my own accounts although I got M's done), sweet wrappers, daughter's crayons... you name it, it's probably fossilised in one of the sedimentary layers!