Saturday, October 17, 2009

A5 everyone?

I noticed from the previous post that we've been tossing around some ideas of size - I'm reluctant to be the one to take the lead on this - but do others think we might make a decision - (or wait until sara returns... or throw some other ideas into the mix...)

I'm cool with the suggested A5.... how about we do a group run around and see once and for all what everyone thinks (and speak freely!) - and that way those who want/need to make a start can do so

I won't be commencing work until after mid nov so I'm ok if the group want to wait


Amanda said...

Hi Ronnie,
A5 works for me too. I am well underway with designing this as I am not able to work fast. Obviously I can still make changes at this stage, but it would really help to nail the format as I will need to start printing soonish. So, what do others think?
Also, I thought I should mention that although the works don't need to go to the gallery till March, the submission date for selection is Friday December 4 (that's 7 weeks yesterday!). For this, we need 5 images, unless the conditions are different for a group entry. So someone will need to take charge of putting the application together, burning a disc, posting in time for delivery on or by Dec 4 etc.
Any volunteers? I don't want to usurp Sara's place as group "mother", but I don't want to presume she will just handle everything without help.

Ampersand Duck said...

OK, A5 works for me as well. I was wondering about the 'group' part of it... are we going to have a few 'house style' elements, like using the phrase BOOK ART OBJECT somewhere on the colophon or title page?

I hope you all know what a colophon is... just in case (and I'm sorry if this is telling you to suck eggs), it's the artist's book equivalent of the copyright page in a novel. It should, at the very least, contain the *printed* name of the artist (as opposed to an undecipherable signature) and the year the book was made. If more complex, it should contain the title, materials, place of making, any acknowledgements, etc.

Do we want to draft a colophon skeleton that will be common to each book, or shall we just ensure that everyone incorporates Art Book Object somewhere?

Also -- can I have posting rights? Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

The Duck's idea of a "common" colophon is good. It will add to the unified appearance. So...someone please draw up a colophon for us to copy.Anyone?
As to posting rights...if I ever get around to putting pics on this blog any other members can
copy them to individual blogs, with a link to me.
Oh, yeah - I sign in here as Dinahmow, but that just takes people to my defunct blogger site. The "real" me is here

Ampersand Duck said...

I can draft the bones of a common colophon... I'll get on to it this week. And then I'll post it and we can all tweak it a bit.

ronnie said...

a common colophon sounds terrif - (especially if its a job someone else is volunteering for!)

can we ensure that the copyright bit is included...

"By arrangement with the licensor, Rosemary Dobson c/- Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd"

and I'm pleased to see that at last you're up there in lights as a contributor good duck! looking forward to reading those posts

Carol said...

I'm having computer problems so no internet most of the time. But I'm with you in spirit. Thanks for volunteering for the colophon AD.

dinahmow said...

Thankyou, Duck. Yes, tweaking can be done when we see the draft.

I also want to know about the entry/submission CD. Does each of us have to send a CD with sample pics or can we send photos to Sara (our gallant captain) who then sends a single CD with the entry form for the group?

(The last time I did anything as a group CDs were not invented!)