Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's good to be back

I feel a bit out of the loop really, having been away so long, and it seems as if things have conspired against me in terms of keeping in touch while I was away AND getting swiftly back into it again now I'm back... My excuse is that I haven't been able to move back into our house because of plumbing issues (take a look at Double Elephant if you want to know the whole sorry saga...), but now that I've survived my daughter's class camp I'm able to get my head down and my bum up and start translating numerous drawings into something real.

Thanks Ronnie for suggesting the A5 thing - sounds good to me, although I warn you that I might be a bit 3D - not sure yet - so will try and make it fit within the envelope of A5, if you see what I mean!

Dear Duck, I'll send you an invitation to be an author again - I think it got lost in your exhibition preparations, sorry about that.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A5 everyone?

I noticed from the previous post that we've been tossing around some ideas of size - I'm reluctant to be the one to take the lead on this - but do others think we might make a decision - (or wait until sara returns... or throw some other ideas into the mix...)

I'm cool with the suggested A5.... how about we do a group run around and see once and for all what everyone thinks (and speak freely!) - and that way those who want/need to make a start can do so

I won't be commencing work until after mid nov so I'm ok if the group want to wait