Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I spoke with a friend at Artspace (Mackay) and asked her to clarify the entry requirements for the Libris Awards. I thought I'd better get this straight in my head as several other people have asked about collections and collaborations.

In brief- yes, we can submit 8 (probably widely disparate!) entries as a named group submission. Although this is not clearly stipulated on the form, Tracey sees no problem, providing the work is entered under a group name and relates to a unifying theme.
So, we are clear on both counts.

And, while I'm here, Ampersand Duck might like to know that "Pron Coktails" is currently on display with other books in the collection.



Ampersand Duck said...

Ooh! Thank you! That's very good to know, on all counts :)

This has probably been asked before -- can we submit as a group AND do an individual submission? Or is that being greedy? :)

Ampersand Duck said...

PS apologies for double smileys. I usually limit myself to one!

Angela said...

Thanks for this. What's the deadline?

SCB said...

Fab - thanks so much for clarifying things! As I understand it, deadline is Dec. 4th for photo/titles/info so we can fudge things slightly if we're not all quite ready by then. Actual work doesn't have to be received until after Christmas - February I think, from memory. Which is great 'cos I won't be doing anything except thinking about it until I get back...

dinahmow said...

We might have a hiccup, folks. Libris Awards is open only to artists living and working in Australia. And you must be an Australian citizen or resident here for at least one year.I qualify since I've lived here for nearly 30 years;Sara has just been awarded the Silly Hat so she's OK.But Angela is not resident.
Sara, since this is really your project the decision is over to you.
One possibility would be for a group submission by the Australian members, with Angela still making a book but not being a part of the competition.
I guess the ball is in your court, Sara.

As to multiple entries - the entry form stipulates one only in Categories 1, 2 and 3.I can find nothing about allowing ONE group entry, plus ONE individual entry, but I'll check with someone later this morning when the gallery's open.

The print is about 6 point, but I'll see if my scanner can do the job and I'll post it later.


dinahmow said...

OK...I've just spoken with Tracey and ONE entry as an individual from someone who is also part of a participating group will be allowed.

And the scan was hopeless!

Ampersand Duck said...


Good work, peoples, thanks. Time to get making, or at least thinking...

Is the poem the only unifying factor? Do we have anything else, like size, or colour palette? or is it a free-range response to the text?

Angela said...

Thanks for all the info. Rules are rules I suppose, but carry on regardless. Good luck to those who are participating! Is the deadline still February just so we know where we are?

I am trying to grow some mould for one of my book pages and its not turning out quite as I expected!

ronnie said...

thanks for all the libris info di

I've been thinking similar thoughts to you duckie - will the poem be the only unifying factor in the project? - or, if we are intending for the collection to be displayed/considered/viewed as group, should we include any other element that helps the works sit together? on a very simplistic level I was wondering if we agreed on a common size of our books whether this may help the various and I'm sure very different books to mesh as a single 'collection'(I figured size is the least restrictive of potential common elements - common colour, format et al are far more restrictive... well at least I think so! but perhaps you guys have different thoughts)

whatcha think folks? I'm easy-peasey with the group's consensus

dinahmow said...

Yes, size (and orientation) is the easiest way to "unify" things.
Personally, I was leaning towards small and simple, like A5 landscape; mainly because time could be a problem (for me) if I had to produce something complicated.

Angela said...

I had decided on A6 - but if I am not entering the Libris award does this matter?

dinahmow said... pleased you're still going to be "in the gang" and I don't think you need to follow us, regarding size.
I've seen other books, made to a theme, which have been individual.
For the record, the current show(which will go on tour from here) is on recycled/re-purposed books and looks good, despite the many approaches.

KAZ said...

Di - Totally off topic of which I know nowt - but is your avatar related to the Purple Gallinule?
We see them here in Catalunya.

Angela said...

I made a little mock up of A6 size last night to practice the binding and I am happy to do A5 if that's what everyone else is doing.

Even though I can't enter the competition I presume we are still exchanging books as originally planned? If that's the case it may be better if they are all A5.

However, is A5 restrictive for people like Sara who's books are more 3D architectural structures?

Ida said...

Well done for all the info gathering and debating that has been happening over the last couple of weeks. I have been desperately trying to get Year 12 ready for the HSC and I haven't had time to comment. Thanks for your hardwork and attention to detail.

Am taking next terms off work and promise I will introduce myself more fully in the next couple of weeks.

I also like the idea of unifying the entry and am happy with group consensus - size and orientation (A5 landscape is fine with me)but I don't want to restrict the members who are developing a more sculptural concept.

Do we need to formalise the discussion and a time to reach consensus?

Maybe Sara as the initiator of the group needs to 'chair'(is this the right word) the discussion. Sorry if this sounds niave/anal/bolshie, I haven't done this sort of thing on-line before. I don't want anyone to feel unconsulted or marginalised by the restrictions set. Cheers Jane A

dinahmow said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks for tipping your views into the mix. I was starting to feel like a hi-jacker!
Year 12 exams must be somewhere in the region of the Seventh Circle of Hell, yes? Good luck to you.

Amanda said...

Sorry to be a bit behind the times with this discussion. I am quite happy to go along with A5 and I definitely think the swap part should continue for the whole group.
Depending on what people make, and whether there are any sculptural works, if all the books are A5, perhaps they could be housed in an open backed case, so the spines are visible. This mightn't work of course, and it's not important enough to cause anyone to make major changes to their ideas, but if it does work, it might be a nice unifying "finishing touch".

Carol said...

A5 landscape suits me too but I'd like to know pretty soon if we are agreed on that. I've changed my mind about structure and size so many times already that it would help me to be forced to at least have a size decided upon. Sorry, bad grammar and 'forced' is not a good word but I hope you know what I mean.