Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I spoke with a friend at Artspace (Mackay) and asked her to clarify the entry requirements for the Libris Awards. I thought I'd better get this straight in my head as several other people have asked about collections and collaborations.

In brief- yes, we can submit 8 (probably widely disparate!) entries as a named group submission. Although this is not clearly stipulated on the form, Tracey sees no problem, providing the work is entered under a group name and relates to a unifying theme.
So, we are clear on both counts.

And, while I'm here, Ampersand Duck might like to know that "Pron Coktails" is currently on display with other books in the collection.


Friday, September 18, 2009

copyright sorted

Great news book-art-object people

I've just received an emailed reply from Curtis Brown - Rosemary Dobson's literary agent - we have permission to use her poem with the following conditions

1. that the work(s) is not for commercial sale

2. that copyright is acknowledged in the following manner:

"By arrangement with the licensor, Rosemary Dobson c/- Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd"

So that means if any of us is indeed interested in using any/all the words - it's now perfectly ok to do so.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

getting started...

Well I don't know about anyone else in the group – but I've made a start (of sorts) I've ordered and received a parcel of lovely coloured linen thread from Bibiani....

no I haven't done anything else – not yet.... but I'm counting this as a start! (and no I haven't got a clue what colours I might be using)

I WAS hoping that I would be telling all about my time in a paper marbling workshop that I was expecting to be doing this weekend in Sydney... and showing off some attractive papers to whet your appetites but, agggghhhh, it wasn't to be – maybe it will be rescheduled in time to allow me to create some great papers to use in this project – fingers crossed (I can really SEE some marbled endpapers or covers or something...... agggghhhhh!)

it's been one of those fortnights...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A question re copyright

My first thoughts about making a book using Learning Absences as a theme or idea certainly didn't include using the actual poem in the book. However, I've had an idea for a structure in which the entire poem would fit really well. I'm still very unsure about this, not only because I felt the poem was just a wonderful trigger for lots of thoughts and emotions, but also because there must be a copyright issue.

Having spent the past 28 years working in a library I know I should be right on top of copyright and all its rules but I don't think I am.

What do other members of this group think about quoting the poem? I guess if I chose this particular plan I could ask permission from the publishers. Then again, it may be easier to go back to one of my earlier ideas.