Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So exciting

Hello everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to Sara for having this brilliant idea to bring us all together. I make books, both commercially and for myself - that's my main mission in life - but I also dabble in marbling, draw strange fish, garden, collect stuff, read, write a bit and spend a lot of time with my grand daughters.

I think the Rosemary Dobson poem is beautiful, very poignant and full of wonderful images. Good choice Sara. As yet I have no idea how to use it to make a book but my head is full of fleeting ideas which I need to corral and try to make sense of. It's not only an exciting project but quite scary so I need to tell myself not to panic. I'm glad there's a deadline because that's essential for me so now I'm off to do some serious thinking. After I've fed the chooks, of course.

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