Friday, August 14, 2009

a personal introduction...

Hi gang (and assorted bystanders)

I figure this is a great time to give a real introduction to myself and my blogginess (I've just realised that I've never actually done this on my own blog... oops!)

I'm Rhonda Ayliffe (and I answer to 'Ronnie pretty much everywhere) – I live on a large farm (by comparison in my part of the world) on the far south coast NSW – and you can read/see a bit more of this over at my sams creek farm blog (which I forget to update and generally neglect.... )

(the very dry creek bed of sams creek - it's a pitiful sight presently)

There you'll see that I have a couple of young children, a long suffering farmer/partner/mulch mover. Much to his angst, I LOVE gardening – and we have a damn large one for him to tear his hair out in (hee hee hee). We grow a large chunk of our own food (I'm planning to add a HUGE berry patch this weekend.... husband is planning to have a mental breakdown around the same time). We have dogs and cats and chooks and a monster load of cattle (including one calf who is living with us for the moment as he is currently being bucket-fed)

(presently picking peas, broccoli, rocket, cauli, bok choy, tuscan cabbage, silverbeet, parsnips...)

ON the arty side of things (and most folk think that's all I think about – all the time...) My website is currently out of action (you can find some of my older calligraphic bits and bobs on a friends site)... oh and I blog over at Art and Etc.

I have a rustic studio (the word 'rustic' excuses the rodents and drafts and cobwebs and snakes and dust and general grot of the place) where I mostly fiddle with booky type things. I'm a Guild Member of the ASC (Australian Society of Calligraphers), and when I tell folk this I usually have to add that means I'm a peer acknowledged 'master' of the craft (yes, you may now curtsey... hee hee hee). I contribute to calligraffia – a blog that focuses on all things calligraphic (and it's a project that I'm very proud of).

I am absolutely passionate about traditional crafts - calligraphy and book arts are obvious inclusions – but I admire the skills and history of most traditional crafts - I'm also interested in how these traditional skills can play a part in a contemporary art context – (I am absolutely NOT a fan of Tracey Emin and her ilk of artists.... I don't like contemporary artists who debase skill for no real net gain – except to their bank account..... OOOOH them's fighting words!)

('you are' - concertina booklet from 2006 I think... I wrote the poem just after EJ was born)

Hmmm what else should I say here – oh I know - I'm completing a Master of Visual Arts with Monash Uni and I'm due to finish in three (count 'em ) months time – wheeeee!!!!!!!! so I KNOW that I should be putting this project over to the side until I get through the next little bit (but I also know that I won't be able to resist temptation....)

soooo that's the long and short of it from the creek – except to add – I'm really looking forward to interacting with the book-art-object mob here assembled (and anyone else who may stumble by....)

and now you know where you can find me – feel free to drop by and drop me a line (follow the links and you'll easily find me)

cheers from the creek

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Carol said...

Love your Sams Creek blog. That's my idea of the perfect country life, daunting as the drought obviously is.