Monday, August 10, 2009

The first project...

Thank you Amanda for pointing out that the set text for the first artists' book club collaboration isn't even on this blog yet! I must admit I stopped in my tracks after setting up the blog and inviting members... didn't even think about what to do next!

For anyone new to reading this blog and wondering what on earth we're doing, a group of artists interested in books and book objects is using different texts as a starting point for making a small edition of artists' books. This is the inaugural project and about eight artists are going to make an edition of nine books each; participants will get a full set of the books and the final set will be available for exhibition.

So here it is: the poem chosen to kick things off, by Rosemary Dobson, one of Australia's leading poets.

Learning Absence, 1986

Being alone is also to be learnt
Long time or short time.

Walking the length of the house, shutting
The doors and the windows

No longer calling casually over one's shoulder.
Returning to find no trace

Of the other, companionable living -
Bread smell, the stove still warm,

Clothes on the line like messages,
Or messages written and left on the kitchen table:

"We need to keep watering the cumquat."
Or, "I have paid the milkman."

At night, at this season, lingering at the window
Not being certain where to find Halley's Comet,

And looking a long time at the darkening sky

Text taken from "Rosemary Dobson, Collected Poems", part of the Angus & Robertson series 'Modern Poets'. Published 1991, ISBN 0 207 16864 4. Text copyright © Rosemary Dobson 1991.

I hope you like it!

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