Sunday, August 16, 2009

.....and another intro

Hello to everyone! I'd like to add my intro into the mix.

My name is Amanda Watson-Will and I live in Brisbane. This year is my first year post-masters and I have been enjoying the freedom to explore and experiment with new media. My background is in ceramics, and I have mostly worked in the area of installations, combining ceramics and projections.

A few years ago I discovered artists books, and fell immediately under their spell. By this stage I was half way through my masters at RMIT, but was able to incorporate three artists books into my final body of work. Two of those books were porcelain and the other was archival inkjet.

My foray into artists books has lured me into taking some time to explore printmaking. While studying ceramics we did some linocuts and monotypes, and ever since I've felt strongly drawn to printmaking. Now at last it seems that all my interests are coming together.

I have a blog, Amanda Watson-Will, where I write up my various experiments with different media and slowly track the development of my work. I've been posting for a couple of years now.

I'd like thank Sara for getting this project off the ground. It's a terrific idea, and I am very excited to take part. The poem by Rosemary Dobson is an excellent choice and my head has been whirling with ideas, imagery and book structures for the past few days. I'm beginning to think that this poem may provide inspiration for me for quite a while! Some of the photographs I have taken over the past couple of years resonate quite strongly with the theme of absence, so I have started by pulling together a folder of that imagery. Looking forward to seeing how other people are getting started.


ronnie said...

oooooo ceramics and printmaking and books.... goodness the mind boggles - can't wait to see what you come up with for this project

ps lovely blog!

Ida said...

Great post. Clay and paper are my passions too. Can't wait to see more of your work.

solarcellphonecharger said...

nice blog and wonderful of projects..